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Does anyone have similar findings on slightly enhanced P Wave, regarding heart.

I'm very scared because I received had an ecg at the doctors office and it said "Normal sinus rhythm Possible Inferior infarct, age undetermined Abnormal ECG"? I'm 39 and never had cardiac symptoms. I haven't slept for days now. chest X-ray and Blood Work were OK. I hike, ski and am generally active. I have severe anxiety hence why i'm asking a random person I found on med help this question. Should I post this question public? I was planning on doing so.


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Ecg algorithms are good but they arent flawless. Those types od readouts freauently happen in the presence of artifact or lead misplacement. Normal variants, early repolarization, pulmonary issues or rv strain can also yield those results.

It can often be resolved by printing out a new ecg when everything 'settles', or fter making a few minor adjustments.

I would trust in the experience of the physician who read the ecg instead of the automated interpretation with this type of result.
I have now read the printout and it looks like the P wave is elevated on ECG. I'm so scared that if I have an enlarged right atrium like the ECG is suggesting that my life is basically not what it was before.
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Personally if the ecg is blatantly wrong I either print another one or black out the interpretation with a marker lol... I don't know if the second option is even like.. Legal.. Or the potential implications of doing so... But as I see it that interpretation has no bearing in the first place.

It's only designed to help "remind" us of any issue we might be overlooking.
I'm just nervous why I am seeing a slightly enlarged P wave on the ECG.  The weird thing is I feel perfect and have no health conditions..... Right Atrial enlargement scares me terribly now. Amanda
Well if you wanna post it,,id be happy to take an unofficial look and give an unqualified opinion.

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