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Does anyone know what the upper tracking limit on the Medtronic Azure DR pacemaker?

Trying to read through the manual is a beat down and can't decipher through all of the numbers. The specific model is AZURE™ S DR MRI SURESCAN™ Model #W3DR01
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Rather than reading the manual by the way I recommend you sign up for “Medtronic Academy”

It is a completely free resource from Medtronic for us healthcare professionals.

They have a basic pacemaker programming course which is 100% free and designed for the absolute beginner.

That may be easier than reading a manual..
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Thank you for your clarification! Yes, I meant upper rate limit. My SA node to AV node is great. No afib or any issues with generating and controlling it on my own. I do have heart block. I’ve been diagnosed with both 2:1 block and AV block 2nd degree: Mobitz type 1. I am very interested in staying active with 2 young boys (I’m a former college football player) and would love to have a limit high enough for a very active lifestyle.

I was just aware that some pacemakers only go to 165, 185, or I’ve heard of some allowing for up to 210 bpm.

I observed the Academy on their website. I will be sure to sign up for that.

Thank you for all of your help!!
Yeah the academy is a great resource for sure.

They have these packaged courses with different modules in them. So instead of trying to sign up for each individually you can sign up for a group of classes based on your skill level.

If you print a certificate of completion the Medtronic rep may even let you see your own device programming and have an active role in it.

As for your current settings you shouldn’t need to go above 180 or 190; this is pretty standard in terms of an upper limit for most normal healthy hearts. If you need to go over 190 then the reason for your difficulty with exercise is probably unrelated to heart rate.

It’s probably set up to accommodate you already. However if you have symptoms it’s a pretty easy tweak. Just look at the hysteresis and push a button. The entire process of making that modification can be accomplished in under 5 minutes by any properly certified EP Doctor, Tech or Nurse. Shouldn’t be too difficult to walk in for an appointment to get it looked at.
And to clarify by “healthy hearts” I mean people without pacemakers.  It’s unusual to see people going above 200 under normal circumstances; even with strenuous activity.
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Sorry I got torn away a bit earlier!

I just wanted to expand a bit by clarifying what exactly tracking refers to vs rate limits

Atrial tracking refers to how your device “listens” to activity in the atria. If your atria begin to beat too fast as a consequence of AFib or pacemaker malfunction your device will “mode switch” and stop listening to the atria.

Rate limits refer to how fast your pacemaker will pace if you experience an increase in physical activity

There is also pacemaker “refractory periods” which help us control how fast your ventricles can respond to a high atrial rate by blocking out a number of atrial impulses.

These 3 parameters all come together to help program how fast you’re pacing and what mode you’re in.

However out of all the parameters the only one I could see necessarily being super relevant to a patient is the upper rate limit in general.  “What’s the max I’ll pace at?”
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I can help with this!

So firstly define what you mean by upper tracking limit? Are you referring to upper *rate* limit?

In any case this is all programmable and customizable. Most practices have standard values they like to set for upper and lower rate limits.

The only way to know what these are for your device would be to throw a device programmer on it and find out.

Alternatively you can look at the paper that prints out of the programmer when you go to your checkup.

Because your device is a Medtronic it’s possible that they have upgraded from the big blue computer looking units to a much sleeker smaller tablet. In which case you may not even get a paper print out; it may all be done digitally.
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