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Does it get any worse?????

STRESS is when you have spent the last 15 min typing the perfect question and your laptop suddenly flips back to the last page and it disappears!!!!!!!!! (lol) GRRRRRRRRRRR!
OK....... calm. (lol)

3 months ago I had a pacemaker implanted because of severe Bradycardia. had it most of my life but at 56 it was starting to affect my energy level and I was getting very dizzy at times. The new symptom also was the Tachycardia that followed, at times 130 which for me at 35/42 was very fast and scary. Hence the new beating machine.
My doctor subscribed Toprol XL/25 once a day. NO WAY I said, no medication for me. I went Home from the hospital on Friday and Sunday afternoon I was right back in the ER with a speeding HB where my Cardiologist happened to be on duty.......Well little girl....now will you take your pill; he said smiling?  I did.
So the HB is normal, occasional palpations a day but for the most part sheer heaven.
The problem now are the side affects that scared me away from this pill to begin with...they are as follows. Pretty classic I believe.
Night vision a total blurry, day vision very fuzzy to the point my new glasses are not correcting it. Dry mouth and throat so bad that even drinking water it does not feel moistened. Head feeling so heavy and woozy, not dizzy per say just extremely fuzzy for a lack of description, My chest doest not hurt but it feels heavy? tight maybe? I don't know how to explain it. My BP which has always been on the low side (pre-pacemaker) is now anywhere from 117/68 to 149/90???? (I thought BB correct BP?) I getting the shakes really bad every 4 to 5 hours when my pharmacist recommended I take it at night, she felt it was dropping my blood sugar like being Hypoglycemic so I did and it has helped a lot with that symptom.
All in all I feel pretty crappy and just starting my own little cake business I do not need to feel this bad especially after thinking the pacemaker would make me feel a lot better. WRONG!
The Nurse mentioned to me that possibly they should take me off Toprol XL and switch me to one other BB that Thyroid patients take that has fewer side affect, the name escapes me now. Honestly I hate the way this stuff is making me feel. But I tend to be a controlling wench and now I'm leery of trying yet another pill. I tend to be a investigator of sorts so the side affects stear me away. Of course until I end up at the ER with my doctor smiling at me....Now thats scary!.
My question to you all is.....(Finally huh)
Can I, should I split my XL? 25mil. Can you split a time release?
Will the symptoms subside?
Should I attempt to try another BB?
Will there be world peace? (had to throw that one in, he he) Hey right now I need a good sense of humor!
On a serious note Ilove the fact that I am not scared of my heart going crazy anymore that was horrible to say the least but I feel so nasty with these side affects that I can not even walk my dog or drive without feeling really bad.
I take no other medication, I do not drink, no drugs, about lbs over weight, no extra salt, little red meat and yes I do smoke (I know) a little less then a pack a day. STILL... I should feel a whole lot better then I do.
HELP....... Any advice to sway this incredibly stubborn lady would be really appreciated.
Thank you and Happy Holidays to all of you.
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I haven't taken Toprol but I do know that when I started my Diltiazem I had a good 2 weeks of unpleasant side effects similar to those you mentioned. Plus a 2 week headache. Mine is a CCB, yours is a BB. Either way it takes time for the med to get going in the body and for you to feel somewhat normal again. You said you started it last weekend. Unless you're having a horrible reaction that keeps you from functioning, the doctor will probably want you to hang in there for awhile longer. But it doesn't hurt to ask.

No, don't split long acting meds. They usually come in a special capsule like mine or have a special coating so they release more slowly. You don't want to cut it open and get a strong hit all at once.

I know how you feel about meds. I can't stand them. I'm only taking the Diltiazem now (that was prescribed for me 2 years ago) because I was having too much chest pain. Yes, it works (darn it!)  

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I agree that it takes time to adjust to medications.  In my case I take Metoprolol ER (generic form of Toprol SR), and as high as 200 mg a day (100 morning and 100 night).  My BP has always be "good", so I had problems for a few weeks with my BP being too low.  I do not understand how a BB could cause a BP to rise, it may be something else, worry/anxiety?

I have varied my dose level in an attempt to determine if it is causing me to have "trouble mares", it seems it doesn't, I have them at 200 mg and at 50 mg... but I was not at 50 mg very long as my HR goes too high at that low dose level.  

I look with particular interest on Irene's comment about not splitting a time-release pill.  To be honest I do not understand what the time-release mechanism is, but I think it is a lot more that a coating on the pill.  In fact I split my Metoprolol all the time as my prescription is for 100 mg twice a day.  I'm not trying to get by on 100 morning 50 (1/2 pill) at night in the hope that will reduce any effect it may have on dreaming.  My doctor knows I'm doing that... But, I don't know,  I think I'll talk to my pharmacist to see what they advise.
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I have struggled as well with the side effects of BBs. I take Sotalol for a-fib and, like ireneo says, the drugs do work as advertised for many people. I have been in normal rhythm since July with only a couple of short episodes of afib. With the afib under control, my focus has been on managing the dosage of this powerful drug to the minimum required to control the arrhythmia thereby minimizing the (many) unpleasant side effects. Sotalol is not time released so it is taken twice daily. I have discovered that I can vary the dosage and absorption rate by taking the medication with or without food. The time between dosing and eating, both before and after, is another variable. I have reduced my effective dosage by taking the pill (40mg twice daily) with breakfast and dinner. Dosing while (or shortly before) eating seems to attenuate the absorption rate, preventing the ton of bricks effect that follows dosing on an empty stomach, and also reduces the actual amount absorbed. The process is very much trial and error and changes to the dosing regime have to be made slowly to evaluate their effect, both immediate and after stabilization. For example, a rapid reduction in dosage raises my blood pressure temporarily, a scary thing when it first happens, but it comes back down over a few days if the dosage is maintained at the lower level. The most annoying remaining side effect is with getting to sleep and staying asleep. For some reason, beta blockers really mess with sleeping patterns and cause weird dreams for some people. Jerry_NJ has this problem. I'm trying to get this under control without resorting to yet another drug.
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Thank you all so much....I have been taking ToprolXL since the pacemaker end of September. I would thing that at this point my body would adjust to what ever level it will, which means these side affects are possibly here to stay. Yesterday was particularly bad.....weird but my eyes were so out of focus all day and the woozy head was bad. My chest sometimes feels like some one is pushing against me but when I check my HB its very where the pacemaker is set at, 60bpm its a on demand unit. I had numerous tests done on my heart prior to the implant and other then the electrical it is very strong and healthy. So why the feeling of weight obviously one of the side affects. These are all very hard to accept as a day to day way of living especially the vision and head fog. I love what it has done to regulate my heart beat but crap the rest they can have back! Its hard to bake cakes when you are so woozy.
I'll talk to the Doc. Which brings me to the next thought....who to trust? I go to a county. No Ins. One doc says one thing and another says different??
I learn more from you all and this site as well as have more confidence in you all then all those white coats put together when it comes to pills, side affects and research. I think they are all so busy that they forget to stop and keep up.
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Well, based on your comments I would say that you are either taking too much of the Toprol and should reduce the dosage (with doctor supervision) or, barring that, you should be considering a different beta blocker drug to prevent the tachy. We are all different and react differently to the various drugs. Your side effects sound to me to be beyond what you should have to put up with. Another drug may work as well with fewer side effects. This can only be discovered by trial and error.
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Thank You Bob. I agree, its way to much. The back of my eyes hurt so much. I'm calling the clinic today to get in there and have this changed. Who knew it would be so uncomfortable. Thank goodness I sleep well, no dreams like a lot of people have mentioned, no weight gain. Mostly related to the eyes and head. Do you know of what other BB that is known to work with fewer side affects?
Thank you Bob.
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