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Does this sound like NSVT?

If there are runs of approximately 4-10 quick beats with one or two normal sinus beats in between?  For example:


I experienced something like this approximately 3 times when I was 12 years old.  It all happened around the same time too, during the winter months.  It always happened after sprinting on recovery.  I have not experienced anything of this severity since and I'm 32 years old now despite participating in track and field in HS where I did sprints.  

Is this pattern of arrhythmia typical for NSVT or could it also be PSVT?  
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I am curious, if you havent had this happen since you were 12 and are 32 now, why worry about it?

I really dont think there is a way to know what it was since you weren't wearing a monitor at the time... It could have been either or neither even.
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Because I never mentioned this to any of my doctors when I was getting tests done 10 years ago.  I have no idea why.. when I was a kid, I kept this to myself.  I was so scared and traumatized by it that I denied it ever happened.  Then when I was getting evaluated for PACs in 2009, I completely forgot about it.  It worries me because it happened.  
Whelp, there is no way of knowing what it was now and if it hasn't happened in all these years live your life and dont worry about it and if it ever happens again, get an appt with a cardiologist. If you were worked up for PACS before and your heart is structurally normal dont worry. I honestly wouldn't worry unless you were having those episodes currently and frequently or your getting other symptoms with the palpations you currently get...

Trust me I know how anxiety provoking these things can be and it took me YEARS to come to terms with my own heart. It wasn't until I started having frequent dizzy spells that I got worried all over again. I just had a loop recorder implanted this past Friday and I am just a big ball of anxiety lately and so trust me when I say I understand exactly where you are coming from.
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I read your other posts along with this one, and you seem to be wrapped pretty tight, my friend.  I think what you're experiencing is pretty much benign considering your overall health and that fact that you have not reported any adverse cardiac conditions, and no prior cardiac surgery.  I too have experienced these short 8 ro 12 beat runs of elevated pulse.  I had 54 years of SVT before having it fixed, so I suspect its SVT conducting  over the ablated area.  But like the previous poster said, whatever it is hasn't killed me, so I pause and "listen" to it, and when it terminates, I go in with whatever I was doing.  I think you should take what your cardiologists say and stop worrying about this.
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