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Double beats just a pac or couplets

So I have a lot of ectopic activity. I have been to a cardiologist. Had ECG, echo and holter. All tests normal but holtet showed pvcs and pacs (on one holter i had 7000 of them) . Actually i had three holtets in a period of six months. I learned to live with the THUD then pause but now i have a new sensation that scares me. It goes like this beat.beat.beat.beatbeat.beat.beat. The double beat is quick and then back to normal. Is this a pvc or pac or maybe a couplet? They scare me so much. I have them all day long. My cardiologist refuses to do another holter since he never picked up something dangerous but i cant stop thinking about them. I'm a mess. Had two panic attacks because of them too.

So my question is do you ever get those quick double beats?
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From what I've read you can actually feel the PAC itself (unlike PVCs) so they present as a double beat. I get this all the time.
Really? That's a relief. I was so scared about this but my doctor just brushed me off. He said that I'm only 23 and even the three holtera that I had were too many for someone my age. Espexially with a normal echo
I think doctors worry when it starts to get between 10,000-20,000 but I'm not sure. I'm only 24 and I spend too much time on this site. It makes me super anxious because I feel like everyone on here tells eachother they are having NSVT (which is my biggest fear!).  These beats have consumed my mental health. I obsess over them. 90% of my day my finger is on my pulse points. If your doctor isn't concerned, then you need to try to relax. They will get worse the more you stress over them.
I'm exactly like you. I always take my pulse, always reading about nsvt and the worst thing is sometimes I feel like I have many beats in a row but it hasn't been caught and also doctor said that sometimes a single pvc or pac can feel like a flutter which seema like many in a row vut it isn't
The most I've ever felt was the double beats and maybe 1 or 2 couplets. I've had a couple flutters here and there but most of the time I just get a thud in my chest or in my throat. Lately I've been getting longer pauses after a pvc/pac, but I seem to only get that when I've been checking my pulse for awhile. I've had many doctors tell me you just don't get vtach (at our age) so I guess I just have to take solace in that. I've found really helpful answers on here, but I feel like someone can say "My arm twitched" and another person will say "sounds like you're having nsvt" LOL.
Yeah you're right about the last commenr lol. So the double beats are just ectopics. Maybe what i feel is a run is actually a couplet. Hmm onteresting. Also thank you. Your answers about the double beats really made me feel better
Single pacs or pvcs can feel fluttery. They can feel all sorts of ways unfortunately! I'm glad you feel better :)
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