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Dr thinks I have extra signal to heart, can it cause high blood pressure?

A couple times I had a racing heart rate. The last time (@ 8 years ago) it was 180 bpm. My GP called an ambulance to take me to the hospital. The paramedics gave me IV medication got it back to a normal rhythm.  They ran test and couldn’t find anything wrong. Lately I have had pounding in my head and some dizziness. Found out my BP is high. I have always had low BP. I just had carpel tunnel surgery a month ago. I know it wasnt high then because they would not have done the surgery.  I went to my cardiologist and he thinks I have an extra signal in my heart and thats causing the high BP and other symptoms. He gave me Metoprolol and said if it doesn’t help I will need the surgery to burn the extra signal. Has anyone had high BP as
a symptom? Also I’ve taken the medicine for about a week and my BP is still high sometimes. When I went to my other dr I see for Osteoparosis my BP was 184/90. She was very concerned, and I am too. Should I wait and give the medicine more time to work or should I go back to the Cardiologist and see what he thinks? Thanks
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No, this shouldn't be the cause of hypertension.  You should address that immediately.  There are plenty of front line drugs to treat hypertension.  Don't delay addressing this.  High blood pressure can adversely affect your kidneys and shorten their life.
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