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Dronedarone and increased urination

Can Dronedarone increase urination?
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Alexis go to the manufacturers site or google it out and it will tell you everything you need to know about what side effects to expect...hope this helped....
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Thanks.  I'll try it!   Alexis4
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The donedarone manufacturer's site did not address the question of urination at all while taking dronedarone.  My guess is that it MAY be an adverse reaction that amounts to less than 1% of reactions that occurred during trials.  

I do know this:  On the last day I took Multaq as prescribed, I was up 4 times in the night.  The next night, (no Multaq) I was up 3 times.  The next night (last night), I was up once!  So I don't really care what Multaq's web site says.  My conclusion is that Multaq and I are incompatible!!!!!

Thanks agaun for your input!  Alexis4
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