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During my last cardio rehab session,

In late November of 3016 I experienced extreme neck and shoulder pain and ended up having one stint put in. How serious is my situation with the v tqachs?   I had one one 2bear v tach and then in about 20 - 25 minutes later I had 3 beat run.  at that pint, they stopped my exersices.
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If you're having those sort of things happen during your peak exercise its a little concerning.

Vtach is a lethal heart rhythm if it doesn't correct itself. Now, not everyone that experiences Vtach dies, most get out of it on their own. In order to better identify, among those who have gone into non-sustained vt (NSVT or 'runs'), those who are at highest risk we have some criteria:

1. Having sustained VT in the past and survived (e.g. through cpr or medicines)

2. Having NSVT in the presence of a structural or genetic abnormality

3. 'VT Storm' which is defined as having 4 episodes of 4 or more beats in any given 24 hour period.

4. Any NSVT after a Recent MI

5. NSVT that gets worse or manifests at peak exercise (not during cooldown/recovery)

Any one of these could be an indicator that one's at higher risk for developing sustained and potentially lethal VT. You seem to be under the impression that 2 of these are true for you.

If this is the case additional testing, appointments and possibly even a consult for treatments such as an Implanted Cardiac Defibrillator (similar device to a pacemaker), RF Ablation (a procedure that is similar to a cath but is designed to create strategically placed scars in the heart) or additional medicines and follow up testing.

Of course what sorts of treatments if any will be something you and your physician will determine. Each of these cases are individualized and take into account the preference of the physician, resources/experience of the hospital and preference of you; the patient.

In short, the single episode of VT on its own isn't the problem, its the underlying disease that's the problem.
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