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I recently had ecg but don't know what it means

Rhythm: sinus rhythm
Heart rate: 65/min(0.914sec)
QRS Axis: 11 deg
QRS interval: 0.106 sec
PR Interval:  0.110 sec
RV5: 1.80mV
SV1: 1.19mV
QT/QTCc: 0.400sec/0.416
QRS Complexes: normal
ST-Segments: depressed
T-Waves: inverted
P-Waves: normal

Findings: Sinus rhythm with occasional premature atrial contraction, intraventricular conduction delay, early repolarization

I had echocardiogram the day after the ekg and turned out normal..

should i be worried of my ekg report
I'm 23 y.o male , filipino
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