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EP first visit question..and other question

hi. I post here all the time. Have benign PVC & PACs. My question..my cardiologist feels I should ignore them--I admit he has tried things...meds...Im on Metoprolol..Enalapril..Xanax for anxiety that just feeds the palpitations...he at one time had me on potassium and magnesium supplements ( they didnt work). Last workup and holter was month or so ago...5600 PACs in 24 hours. He felt that was a very common acceptable amount ( yea to HIM-- NOT to ME whos actually having them!) he wasnt concerned and told me to try to distract myself...ya right. My regular Dr prescribed an antidepressant--thats HIS solution. I didnt even fill it.
They only thing I have that most of you dont, is I had a heart scan about a year ago, and it shows some "areas of concern"...some "narrowings" in a couple arteries. I was put on a cholesterol drug and told to lose weight and exercise...that he didnt see a need for the cath lab as long as I worked on the risk factors.
Wellllll...my cholesterol has dropped down to very small numbers. Amazing ..the results. losing weight hasnt worked too well, and working out, because I hurt my knee, hasnt been able to happen in the past 6 months.
But..otherwise, Im fine. My question, finally, is...with appx 5000 to 7000 irregular heartbeats caught on a monitor in a 24 hr period, would that be enough...would it be worth me going to an EP?
What happens at a first visit with an EP Dr??

Any info would be helpful. Would an EP dismiss me as insignificant? My cardiologist doesnt even think HE should be concerned about the ones I have. So would an EP??

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In my own opinion I would go to the EP. But I will tell you I have seen an EP today who after a 30 day monitoring told me I was having 6000 PVC's per day and about 350 PAC's and that there was nothing to do but try meds. I agreed to try a med but have to go into the hospital to try them. So with that said I would go to an EP and if you don't like what he tells you...you can go to another one. That is why we get 2nd opinions...maybe "don't like" is not the right wording maybe I should say if you don't agree with their findings. I have had 4 EP doctors all changed for different reasons (one moved, one I didn't like the way the billing clerk talked to me, one just wanted to do nothing but surgery and one did a surgery and didn't use any anesthesia) I hope this helps...if you want someone to chat with more about this hit me up on my profile page. Be blessed :)
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It you're having a hard time losing weight, may I suggest a very low carbohydrate diet.  I've been on it since late March, and have lost almost 18 pounds.  It's almost too easy!  Just avoid anything "white"; flour, rice, pasta, starches, and of course sugar.  I eat a hamburger with a big slab of cheese.  Just no bun or fries.  The reason I started it was to lower my blood sugar. Interestingly enough, as I cleared my body of excess glucose, my PVC's vanished, and only returned for a half day when I fell off the wagon, and consumed an ice cream cone.  The next morning they disappeared again.  For me, faced with type II diabetes, this more of a lifestyle change than a diet.  But the wins so far outweight the sacrifices I've made with the foods I loved.
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