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Echo Results...help!

According to my Echo, I have left ventricular diastolic dysfunction grade 2 (pseudonormalization pattern). I Googled the stuff on my report that I did not understand, thinking, bc it says on my echo "this was essentially a normal study" that nothing would be abnormal. Turns out there are a few abnormal things. This being my main concern. The other is this: what does "no hemodynamically significant valvular aortic stenosis" mean? I tried to attach a copy of my report, so whoever reads this can see what I am talking about. The rest of it is normal from what I understand. My Cardio discharged me today and told me my heart is healthy & I have nothing to worry about. Obviously, I am worried! Ughhh.
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Diastolic dysfunction grade II means that the left ventricle is a bit stiff. The cause is usually hypertension but it can have other causes as well. It is determined by the amount of blood "passively" filled between each heart beat, and the amount "actively" filled by the left atrium contraction. The "pseudonormalization" means that in grade II, the E/A-ratio (early filling/atrial filling) is normal but the left ventricular pressure is increased during filling.

I think you should trust your cardiologist. "No hemodynamically significant" means that the valvular stenosis doesn't affect the heart function, in other words, it doesn't matter.
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But if I do have any aortic stenosis, wether it is hemodynamically significant or not...wouldn't that need a follow up at some point? You think he would have mentioned it to me? Idk..maybe I am over reacting. My friend is a nurse in the cardiac unit at our hospital. She sd my report looked normal. Its so confusing and frustrating.
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