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Echo results

I  just received my semi annual Echo results for monitoring a mild ascending aortic aneurysm.  Everything was consistent with previous studies except for 2 things.  If you could provide me with some insight on the following it would help me as I am waiting to see my cardiologist:

1. What does a Grade 1 diastolic dysfunction consistent with impaired LV relaxation mean?
2. It was noted that there is no Pulmonary hypertension, no pericardial effusion and "the IVC appears normal in size, there is a greater than 50% respiratory change in the IVC dimension. The flow pattern of the pulmonary veins were consistent with Systolic Predominance."  What does this mean?  FYI--my last TEE noted a trace PFO.  is there any connection to this?
Thank you
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1. Your upper chamber (atrium) fills your ventricle passively first and then actively when it contracts.  The majority of the blood entering your ventricle from the atrium should be passive.  If the ventricle become stiff, a greater percentage of the blood then enters during the active phase.  This transition from predominant passive filling to predomant active filling is called diastolic dysfunction.  Stage one diastolic dysfuntion is very mild.  It can be seen on a echo now and not be present a month later depending your bodies fluid volume status.  This should not be a major concern.  If you have high blood pressure (the most common cause), it is important to keep it under control

2. This has nothing to do with a PFO.
Blood pressure is in your pulmonary arter is normal -- this is good.
No pericarial effusion -- this is good
Your inferior vena cave (large vein) decreases in size with inspiration -- this is also a good sign.  It reflects low pressues on the right side of your heart.
The pulmonary vein pattern is again consistent with diastolic dysfunction.

I hope this helps.
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