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I live in Boston, MA, and am looking for a good EP.  I had ablation for SVT six months ago, but I still have problems.  My EP was not very understanding or nice after the ablation, so would like to find somebody else.  Any suggestions?

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Hey there,

I don't know anyone in the Boston area but was wondering what problems you were having?  I am 6 weeks out and am having some problems still.
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One of our members, "mabebesc"  had a recent ablation and if I remember correctly, she had a great EP in the Boston area.  Hopefully, she'll see your post and give you the details.

Take care
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Hi Tia-

I am from the Boston area. I have had 3 procedures done by Dr William Stevenson at the Brigham&Womans. You mentioned that you are only 6 months out from your last ablation, but still having problems...Has your SVT returned or are you encountering new problems? Also, just out of curiosity, who was the EP that did your ablation 6 months ago?
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Thanks for the response.  My SVT hasn't come back, luckily, but I still get lots of PVCs and I still have some chest pain and pressure, especially when I fly.  It feels like somebody is choking me.  My EP said it was no big deal, and didn't even bother with EKG at my visit.

My primary care doc sent me for an echo just to be sure, but no results yet.  If I need to see a new EP, I will try Dr. Stevenson, thanks.

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Hi Moo,
I am from the Boston area and had a successful ablation done on Aug. 4th at the Boston Medical Center.  I really liked my Dr.  His name is Dr. Kevin Monahan and he was really good. He is the Director of the Electrophysiology Dept. and has had written several publications on arrythmias.  Hope this helps.  Please feel free to contact me if you have any more questions and good luck!
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