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Episodes of tachycardia

For several months now, I've been having episodes of tachycardia. It doesn't seem to be preceded by anything; stress, physical activity, etc. Usually I'm just sitting on the couch. Suddenly, I can feel my heartbeat, and it's fast and kind of fluttery. I've taken my pulse during these episodes, and it's usually around 106. I don't know my blood pressure during them, but normally my blood pressure is low. Also, during the episodes, I feel kind of hot and sweaty or clammy I guess. I get dizzy and a little nauseous. They usually last about half an hour before returning to normal. What could cause these episodes?
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Thank you for your question.

The symptoms you are describing could be due to a number of different things. The first thing that must be excluded is arrhythmia, an abnormal electrical rhythm of the heart.

This is a common reason for patients seeking care. You should make an appointment with your physician or cardiologist. There they can perform a history and physical and an electrocardiogram. In addition, they may perform an echocardiogram to look at the structure of your heart to make you sure you do not have any predisposing conditioning to arrhythmia, like impaired squeezing function of the heart (low ejection fraction).

Finally, ask your physician for an ECG monitor that you wear for a prolonged period like a Holter or Event monitor. Then the machine will record your electrical rhythm when you have these symptoms and can provide a direct "rhythm-symptom" correlation.

Thank you,
Dr. S
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Sometimes something you have eaten, drank, medications like pain releivers, unrecognized anxiety can cause it suddenly. Sometimes pvcs can cause it. Its a good idea to run it by your doctor just to sure its nothing significant, which it usually isn't. Although that seems impossible, its true. I used to think everytime my card would tell me its benign, its nothing to worry about, my mind had me convinced he was wrong. After having 4 other cards tell me that I decided they must be right
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