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Every third beat irregular after playing paintball...

Hello, (I am 30, i weight 96 KG's, i am a social smoker)

I need some insight here. On Saturday i played paintball with a few friends. After a few rounds, i packed up and i was sitting chatting to the guys when i felt my heart rate was still racing, about 100BPM. I then started monitoring it with my pulse when i realised i was having a few "skipped" beats now and then.

Then all of a sudden every third or second beat was a skipped beat, like my heart would beat twice and then it feels as though the next beat is "half", with a thump that follows. This lasted for about 20 minutes, i was close to a hospital, but i have had this a lot of times (not so severe) in my life so i waited it out. My heart returned to normal and that was that.

I am used to getting these skipped beats because it started three years ago, when i am hungover the next day i would get this at night before i go to bed. I have Beta blockers for these irregular heart beats but i don't carry them with me.

I have been to a cardiologist two years back, did all the tests and they said i was fine. About two months ago i went to the doctor whilst i was having these irregular heart beats and they put me on a EKG, he said he could see my skipped beats but structurally my heart was fine, he said my electrical side was the problem and prescribed me Pure-Bloka.

So my question is, i have never experienced it this bad before, and why would it happen after i exercise? Is there something serious going on? I had a few drinks the night before paintball, but it does not make sense as to why i would experience this after paintball, now i am too scared to play because i think my heart will stop and i will die.

Every time i go to the doctor they say i am fine, but why would i get LOTS of irregular heart beats in 20 minutes after exercise? Should i go back to another doctor? Is the "Fear" of playing paintball doing it? Can Adrenalin do this? Can i take a beta blocker before the game to keep my rate down?

Thanks :(
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Having ectopic beats after a workout is very common and nothing to worry about in an otherwise healthy heart.  It's more disconcerting than anything else but your heart can handle it so try not to fret.  Watch stomach issues, stress and maybe pushing too hard during exercise.  Exercise is good but watch over doing it and try to slow your breathing down.  Cough a bit when they act up and see if it helps break them up soon.  Take care and check around the forum. There are a lot of people who have these and essentially they are no harm to you.
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Thank you for your reply.

I am going to exercise from Monday. I will take it easy and see if it helps.

I just wish i never had this crap. How would i know if the irregular beats are something to worry about? I sit there and think my hear will at any moment just stop.
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Your heart has no more chance of just stopping than anyone else's. PVCs do not add to that risk. I, and many others on here, have been dealing with these for decades. I personally have had PVCs, PACs, and PSVT for over 30 years, and I'm still here. Try to relax a little, even though I know that's easier said than done.
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The only way to be absolutely certain is to be checked out by a cardiologist, likely by having an echo done.  More than likely though it will all come back normal but sometimes it helps to have the peace of mind.  But again, with your age and so long as their isn't a family history of sudden cardiac death at an early age in your family, chances are really good your pvcs are just an annoyance.  Take care.
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