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I'm a 49 year old female with a past history of PVC's when my life was stressful. In April of 2008, I had my first episode of AFIB, initiated by a celebration the evening before, that included wine (plus tons of stress). Since then, I had monthly attacks of AFIB from August until January of 2009. In February of 2009, I had 5 episodes, and in March 12 episodes. They usually come at night, currently ever other night (3-5 hours). I am also having various digestive issues as well (working on those...and hypoglycemic).  I also sometimes get "bouts" of irregular heart beats through out the day. I am sick of this and just want it to go away.

Anyway, my doctor wants to give me Flecainide 50 twice per day (no heart disease), and I take 50 mg Metoprolol in the evening and one 5 mg Valium in the evening as well (plus 324 mg aspirin daily). My question is three -old: is it safe to exercise regularly while on Flecainide (running 3-5 times weekly x 3 miles), and are the drugs mentioned safe together? Also, I am taking a variety of over the counter vitamins and minerals, for ex. Magnesium, potassium, Vitamin C, E, Motherwort, Taurine, Bilemin, (no gall bladder), Emulsified Cod liver oil, and more. Is it safe to take those as well? My doctor is not hospitalizing me to take the Tambocor and I have read that that is the usual procedure. I am terrified of the drug after everything I have read about it. How many people experience proarrythmias (of those who have a "normal" heart)?
Thanks for your help,
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I can appreciate your concerns regarding your medication. 50mg Flecainide bid is actually a lower than usual dose. Many are started on 75mg bid(2 x day) This medication will have no impact on your safety during exercise. One of the side effects of this is increased fatigue, and with the combonation of this + a betablocker (Metoprolol) you may notice an increased level of fatigue. This would most likely have an impact on your exercise regime.

As for the vitamins and minerals you mention, the Dr who prescribed the cardiac drugs should be aware of any and all medications, this includes vitamins&minerals.

It is not uncommon for patients to start this drug at home. It really is at the discretion of your Dr. I have started Flecainide, Sotolol and Rhythmol at home, but had an event monitor to submit a tracing 2 hours after every dose for 1 week. I recently started Tikosyn. This was done as an inpatient for 4 days. This is the only drug that by law has to be started as an inpatient process.

I stress the importance of discussing all OTC (over the counter) supplements with your physician, as the are some that will interact with certain medications and can cause serious complications.

I hope that this helps answer some of your questions:)
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