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Exercise and pvc

Hi everybody. Male 33  years old. Dont smoke. No diabetes. No familly history of sudden death.
In 2010 i was diagnosed with general anxiety disorder, after excluding a lot of other conditions.
Here is my story.
In January 2010 i felt for the fisrt time a skipped heart beat. As an anxious person i decided to check if there was every thing fine. Since than i usually felt 1 ou 2 PVC per day. I did a lot of ecg (rest), holters, lot of stress tests (treadmill, not nuclear medicine test), 3 echocardiograms, 1 coronary angio-CT, 1 heart MRI an finally an event monitor too.
With all this, they only found that i have very rare PVC's and in one stress test i got quadregimeny (1 PVC in each 4 normal beats) in peak exercise. All other exams perfect.
In October 2016 I did treadmill stress test and everything was perfect with 0 pvc while exercising (I took b blocker on that day ) ( I usually take 2,5 mg bisoprolol )
Yesterday I did another stress treadmill and did not take the b block to see if they catch the pvc in exercise. And that happen ... I got in peak exercise 7 pvcs isolated and monomorphic and the cardiologist did not worry about them.
What do you guys think ?!
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I'm curious about why you take a beta blocker for occasional PVC's. I get around 100-200 (on a bad day) and on a good day I get a few. My cardiologist wasn't interested in giving me a beta blocker for such a small amount and neither was I. I also find the pattern of anxiety and PVC's interesting. I suffer from both and it makes life a living hell sometimes. That being said, I wouldn't worry about that issue and more importantly your cardiologist wasn't worried about it. I have an issue sometimes when I get my heart rate up really high, particularly when my heart rate is coming back, down i'll get a few PVC's and sometimes even bi/trigeminy. It's awful but I suppose it could be worse.
I do take B Blockers cause i want to do exercise and PVC also occur while exercising and i just cant stand them. B Blocker significantly reduce the numbers of PVC's, (my oppinion)
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