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Exhaustion/Heartrate/ 16 Y/O.

16 Years old. Recently ive been getting light headed all the time, i am constantly exhausted and feel dizzy. i went to the doctor for a cold the other day and my heart rate at rest was apparently 130. they said this wasnt normal but im not sure what the nurse said about it afterwards. When im at home, i climb 5 steps and i have to sit down because it takes so much energy out of me. im having trouble sleeping even without the use of technnology at night and i have no idea what this is. My hair is thinning and falling out as well. Any ideas of what this could be or natural things i can do for this?? thanks so much.
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I forgot to mention im a female.
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Make an appointment to see a doctor again!  Natural remedies are not going to cut this one.

You describe some of the symptoms of hyperthyroidism, which you can google.


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130 resting heart is high, is the doc sending you for a heart study? Echocardiogram?
It could be your thyroid. Have you been tested for a thyroid panel?
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thanks for the answers, i think ill make an appointment with my doctor. i am of normal weight if thats any thing i should add. (5'4 and 120 pounds.)
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Oh and no i have not been tested for a thyroid panel, they didnt refer me to a cardiologist either. Maybe i should add that my brother has aortic valve disease, so it kind of runs in the family. im not sure what information i should include here, sorry.
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Oh yes and i dont eat meat/fish or any dairy, if thats important.
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Before you see your doc, get out a notepad and *write down* all the questions that occur to you.  I recommend this, because I myself tend to forget what I'm about when in the office.

Leave spaces between your questions so you have a place to write your answers.

If you have a metabolic disorder like hyperthyroidism, which is not rare, especially in women, the components of your diary hardly matter (except for the cabbage family, which--strangely enough--does matter in this case).
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