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Fast Heart rate


The past year I have found that I have a hard time breathing, tired all the time, and my heart seems to beat fast once in awhile.  A Doctor has performed all the tests on me EKG, Stress test, heart Ultrasound, and heart monitor.

In the past year I have has a new baby, job stress, and other things.

The doctor said my heart looks fine and that all the tests were ok. But, he said I have a case of WPW. I feel that this is stress/anxiety that has caused this and that is what I am feeling at this time.  Since all tests came out ok, but the ekg showed some signs of irregular heart beat.  Had a heart monitor for 3 weeks and no irregular heart beat occur, but only once. The doctor said that he would like another full month of the heart monitor, so that he can get a better idea of what is happening and then go from there. Although I have done it once and it is my heart (very important), I feel that it is not really going to do anything more for me.  I know I should do this, but part of mean says I should not.

I feel that it is stress, anxiety, and the amount of sleep I have been getting that is causing this. I eat very heatlhy, although once in awhile would have a cup of coffee, candy, or snack. Overall I feel I am health. I weigh 184 and am 5'11'' tall and exercise.  

What should I do with having a monitor once again?  Should I get counciling or get a second opinion?
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WPW is a very specific diagnosis.  It means that you have both pre excitation on your EKG (not a normal EKG) and you have fast heart rates from that.  If you truly have WPW, the next step is probably medications or ablation. If he hasn't seen an example of the fast heart rhythm yet, you may only have pre excitation on your EKG otherwise I can't think of reason to repeat the monitor.  If I thought someone had pre excitation and tachycardia, I would offer to take them to the lab to cure it.

It sounds to me like the diagnosis of WPW is not certain.  I have used two back to back event monitors before so that isn't that out of the ordinary.  It is very possible that stress anxiety is causing the fast heart beat.  It is also important to mention that stress/anxiety makes tachycardia more frequent in the setting of WPW.

Your best options are to wear the monitor or get a second opinion.  I wouldn't just ignore it.

I hope this helps.
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