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Fast heart beat ??

Hi !!  So i’ve been dealing with a fast heart beat for a while.  My normal resting is between 85-100, my standing is usually 105-115, walking is 115-130, and exercising/showering/cleaning/that sort of stuff is usually 130-145.  I deal with a lot of anxiety and stress and when i’m having an episode it can go up to 150-165 !!  I’ve had my heart checked out and the doctor said it was fine, and most recently I had a heart monitor done.  I had an episode where my hr went up to 150, and the doctor seemed a bit concerned but when I told him I was having a panic attack at that time he said it was okay.  It’s super uncomfortable though, sometimes I can feel my heart pounding in my chest and it completely throws me off !!  The doctor said I didn’t need them but if I want to I can try beta blockers, but I took one and it made me feel awful.  My blood pressure is already on the lower side, and they lower it waaay too much.  Does anyone else deal with this ?  Any ideas on how to fix this ?
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These rates and descriptions sound like normal human heart rates and responses to low level activity and high stress situations respectively
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Oh also i’m 20 btw if that counts for anything lol
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