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Fast heart rate/shortness of breath after any type of activity?

I didn’t know exactly where to post this topic but I was curious if you guys had any input on what you think it could be and if I should tell my doctor about it when I see him tomorrow?
     I am a 19 y/o female 5’1
Ok so, I’ve been going to the doctor for lung pain/chest for awhile and at first they said it was fluid from the viral infection I had and now they sent me to a Physical therapist to see if it helps and it hasn’t helped quiet yet. They gave me predisone to help but that didn’t work. I also was diagnosed with mild asthma due to allergies but I went back to dr a few weeks later and the breathing test I took indicated that my breathing has gotten better.  

But Over the last couple weeks I’ve noticed that I can’t do any type of physical activity that involves exertion. Otherwise my heart beats fast, it goes up to 150 bpm and I feel out of breath and my chest starts to hurt. I couldn’t finish playing one on one basketball (up to 15 points) because my heart rate got to fast and my lungs/chest started to hurt.
Also, when I was walking home (about a 15-20 min walk) after about 10 minutes my heart rate started going fast and my lungs/chest started hurting.
My usually Resting heart Beat rate is usually 85-90 but the last few days it’s been over 110 most of the time (I don’t know if that helps to know or not)

Is this something I should bring up to my doctor??

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