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Fear Factor?

Is Fear Factor still coming to this board?  I have a question for her if she is........I read in previous posts that you went for Anxiety Counselling becauase of these god forsaken PVC's and PAC's.  I am considering going myself and wondered if it helped you at all???
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Welcome back and don't stay gone so long next time.  We need our regulars back:)
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havent seen fear factor for awhile :(
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I'm new here!  I've been reading this forum for a year now.  Thirteen years ago, I sought counseling - specifically cognitive behavioral therapy for my SEVERE panic disorder.  The panic would induce all manner of palpitations (PVCs, PACs and atrial fib, although I didn't realize it so much...more pronounced now, but that's a whole other story!!).  Carrie, I benefitted greatly from the counseling - year and a half worth!  I eventually "got over" my guilt of needing to seek counsel outside of my faith in Christ.  I have learned, like the words of this cool song I heard recently, that "I cannot always rely on how I feel, but only on the truth that His Word reveals".  I now know that my Lord does not take issue with any of His children seeking the relief  we need!  Back to the main issue: while remaining "on my knees", I also purchased Lucinda Bassett's "Attacking Anxiety" program through the Midwest Center for Anxiety and Depression (hey-wish I had thought of that one!  The extent to which my disorder has affected my small corner of the world would most definately qualify for the "Small-town, Southern Baptist Enclave for Anxiety, Depression, OCD, Atrial Fibrillation, PVC/PAC and General Dysfuntionality"- and so forth!).  I'm overdue for a "tune-up", so I made my first appt. in 12 years to see a counselor again, beginning next week.  My recent battles with Afib have been making me INSANE, I tell you!  Hope this helps, and please let me know how you're doing,

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Hi!  Sorry it took me so long to respond but I have been very busy and don't visit as often as I'd like anymore. :)

Yes, the counseling did help - I went thru an intensive "health anxiety" treatment program at my university's psych services center.  It was an excellent program and I went through things like desensitization (like trying to induce high heart rate or PVCs and then learning to deal with them), overcoming my fear of exercising and eating certain "trigger" foods, etc.  It did help.  I would suggest finding a counselor that specializes in health anxiety and going to them.

Good luck!
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Thanks Fear Factor.  My anxiety about these things is totally out of hand and I am going to seek counselling.  I am so tired of living in terror 24/7.
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