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Feeling crappy today - 3 days off Atenolol, Ablation scheduled for tomorrow

Hi everyone.....

This is the third day I've been off Atenolol and my ablation is scheduled for tomorrow.

For the past two days I felt really great, lots of energy, alert, just a few little pvc's and thumps every so often.  

This morning, I felt ok when I got up but am now feeling like crap.  Seems like every time I do the smallest thing, I get pvc's and lots of thumping.  I made the big mistake of going downstairs and when I came back up it was really bad and I felt like I was going to faint.  Had to rest for a while until it went away.  Now I have a headache on top of it all.

I'm guessing this is what happens eventually when someone goes more than a few days without Atenolol?   Is this typical?   I don't think it's serious enough to call my cardiologist, but would like some reassurance that this is par for the course.

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I was on Atenolol also but came off it in order to get pregnant. Even though I weaned myself off slowly when I eventually stopped I had runs of PVC's and felt my heart was racing. It took a good few weeks for my body to adjust to being without that drug.

I then fell pregnant and that really made my heart take off!

I think you will notice a difference once you have had the ablation. I have had 2 in total and for me my heart always felt quite calm straight after.

Wishing you a good recovery.

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Are you getting the ablation for the pvc`s? hope all is well!
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Thank you - I am a little nervous but can't wait to get this done.  Will post details of the ablation as soon as I'm able.
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I think what you are experiencing is normal.  I had to come off Atenolol 3 days before my ablation and had similar symptoms;  I also had 3 episodes of SVT and couldn't wait to get into the cath lab.  Best of luck with the procedure - you will be just fine ...
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Thanks Tom!  I'll be in touch soon to let you know how things went.  Again, thanks so much for all your great advice!
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Good luck tomorrow, Jannie!

I started cutting my Metoprolol about a week and a half before I went in.  I felt pretty zippy being totally off of it.  I did however have an SVT episode 2 days before the procedure just sitting in a restaurant having dinner.  I think what your experiencing is a combination of being off the Atenolol, and the fact that you're probably amped up.  Your life is about to change for the better!
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