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Feeling sick after Tachycardia episode, any help?

Hello I am a 29 years old male, for around 12 years I had this sudden onset of Tachycardia that I am able to stop doing Valsalva technique.it happened first time when I was 17, I was in a party and some drunk jump into my chest making pressure and boom my heart started racing I felt light-headed and sweaty. After that event it took one year to appear again this time while I was running in PE class.
This episodes are triggered 80% of the time by exercise and other times by sudden movement of my torso.

I visited a cardiologist in 2005 and he told me I had Mitral valve prolapse and just to live with it.

So I did I never payed attention and whenever I had an episode I layed down and hold breath until it went to normal.

Entering my adulthood episodes were more frequent so I decided to seek another cardiologist, this time after an echocardiogram he said I did not have MVP and my arrythmia was caused by other factor. I didn't follow up because I was feeling normal even after episodes of heart rate being 220 BPM.

Now 2 months ago I was traveling to visit some relatives, we were buying some groceries and I just was fast walking to the cashier and BOOM I felt a burst in my chest like a kick inside that actually hurt and my heart was pounding hard I felt dizzy for a few seconds this time felt different I couldn't control it by respiration so I started to have a panic attack, I thought it was the end of me. We called paramedic they put me in the ambulance and as soon I was inside and laying on the ambulance it stopped. They couldn't catch it on the EKG. Blood test was normal and chest x-ray was normal.

Came back to the UK but I'm not feeling the same I'm always tired, feeling light headed, my heart races when standing and my left hand turns red, I get more ectopics now and the sensation is horrible awful make me dizzy.
I went to cardiologist and again ecocardiogram was normal, holster monitor normal with some PVCs and PACS. I had an stress test and 2 weeks monitor I'm waiting for the results. The problem is I feel miserable like at anytime I will drop dead, I can't even exercise anymore ( yes stress test was a hard task) before that last episode I was running 10k in 45 minutes so it's not because I'm out of shape. Now I can't barely jog to the bus stop without my heart going 185 bpm.
No episode of Tachycardia so far but I feel if I have another it would kill me.
I went to A&E probably 10 times in the past month that they referred me to an EP Doctor, he suspects SVT and offered an EP study with ablation which I accepted, the problem is my symptoms are just debilitating I don't know what it is I was always ok after an episode but not this last one.
I need to wait 3 months for the ablation but I just feel like shutting down, any recommendations or expertise will help me tremendously.

Also heart disease does run in my family ( father side) mostly CAD.
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SVT and heart disease are 2 completely different animals.  I lived with 54 years of SVT yet competed in 2 different sports at world class levels.  Your elevated HR when exercising is probably not due to SVT, but more likely due to an unconditional heart.  Cardiac ablation cured me of my SVT, and I highly recommend it.  Being that you have some time before yours, I'd recommend that you just don't sit like a couch potato, but stay active.  I'd also check with everyone concerned and ask if you could be sedated during the procedure.  I had general anesthesia and remember nothing of the procedure, so it was consequently a very positive experience.  My recollection here on the forum is that many patients in the UK are forced to endure hours on the lab table wide awake, along with the often unpleasant feeling experienced during the burns.
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