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Fellow PACers - Short Questionnaire...

How long have you had them?
How often do you have them? (per day, duration, etc)
Self or Physician Diagnosed?
How have YOU dealt with them?
Have you considered ablation for them?
Do they ever trigger an SVT (or like) event?
What do they feel like to YOU?
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1) years and years
2) I get clusters that will last for weeks, then go away for several months.  I've been in a cluster period for about a week now.
3) Both.  I've felt the, and have I've seen them live on an ECG while they were happening.
4) Simple.....I live with them!
5) I had an ablation for lifelong episodes of SVT. The SVT is gone, but the PVC's and PAC's remain today.  I would not consider another ablation for PVC/PAC at this time.
6)Yes, a PVC was always the initiator of an SVT event with me.  This was clearly visible on my 30 day monitor which recorded 3 sustained SVT events.
7) They feel like a bump in the chest. PAC's are more mild in feeling.
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I have PAC's and PVC's and I can't tell the difference between them by feel.

I've had arrhythmias for as long as I can remember, so almost 60 years.
I have them every day, vary from a few an hour to 5 or 6 a minute (average), to as many as 25 a minute (that was uncomfortable).
Diagnosed by doctor.
I ignore them. They annoy me sometimes but I'm still alive.
I've had 3 ablations to deal with my PSVT and atrial flutter.
I suppose they do trigger my PSVT because I still have short bursts of tachy several times a week, very brief though.
My premature beats feel like a bit of fullness in my chest and throat, then a hiccup inside.
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How long have you had them?
Since summer 2009. Probably had them before that too.

How often do you have them? (per day, duration, etc)
I feel 5-6 PACs each day. Holter confirmed the number to be 20/day.

Self or Physician Diagnosed?
EP, cardiologist, PCP, and myself.

How have YOU dealt with them?
I hate them :p but they are not dangerous.

Have you considered ablation for them?
Not an option.

Do they ever trigger an SVT (or like) event?
They have a couple of times as far as I know when I was panicking. It lasted 5-10 seconds and was not a big deal. Not sure what arrhythmia was triggered. May be everything from atrial tachycardia to atrial flutter for what I know..

What do they feel like to YOU?
It depends. A hard heart beat, a pause, something in the throat followed by a hard beat, two rapid beats, three rapid beats (if one falls between two normal beats), etc..
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I had mine captured on a holter in 2008.  There were apparently 7 pacs and 7 pvcs.  I did not know at the time and was told my holter was normal.  I had the holter for svt.  I thought all the pvcs/pacs were a part of the svt so it didn't even occur to me to ask what I was feeling though before 2008 I thought my svt was hyperventilation so ignorance was probably bliss in my case.  So I became conscious of have pvcs/pacs after my ablation in the fall.  

I have them everyday.  I feel more than the 14 a day that were caught on the 24 hour holter, probably somewhere between 50 and 100 mostly after exercise or eating.   I had a bad bout of them in Oct, maybe 15,000 a day for about a week but they have settled down tremendously.  The doctor could not explain why they got so bad that week.  I have not had them that bad since.

The doctor obviously found them first but once my ablation was done and I was still feeling something I looked it up and realized,  partly from being on this website that I had pvcs.  The cardiologist confirmed it on an EKG in Oct when I was super sick with them.  

The amount I have now are ease to deal with.  Having 15,000 was a bit tougher.  I had trouble functioning.  If they persisted I would have tried beta blockers.

If they persisted in a large amount I may have considered ablation but there is mixed success in the ablation and it can be like chasing your tail, you fix the problem only to have another problem crop up so I would have to be in really bad shape to do it.  That said, mine appear to be unifocal so I would likely still have issues but I guess if they could clear one of the irritated spots up I might consider it.  Again, only if I couldn't function otherwise.

The pvcs definitely triggered my svt.  I would feel something weird and then my heart would race.  Apparently my svt was retrograde meaning it was triggered by ventricular activity so the pvcs were my trigger though for others pacs might be a trigger.  That said, I don't know that the pvcs were the only trigger.  

The pacs feel like heart burps but the pvcs can feel like a fizzle.  Sometimes they hurt a bit or I feel tightness in my throat but mostly if simple feels like a fizzle.  I cough or feel like I need to catch my breath when I have a number close together.  The slower my heart is beating the more pronounced they feel but I pretty much feel everyone of them.
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How long have you had them? Years and Years
How often do you have them? (per day, duration, etc) Last holter monitor was 1500.
Self or Physician Diagnosed? EP, ER, PCP, EKG
How have YOU dealt with them? Try to ignore them
Have you considered ablation for them?  Not really.  Maybe for SVT but not PACs
Do they ever trigger an SVT (or like) event? Yes and Afib
What do they feel like to YOU? .  Extra beats, can feel them sandwiched in between normal beats.
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