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Fever after my ablation , etc

It has been six days since my ablation. Initially, (for 24 hours while I was still in the  hospital) everything looked fantastic.

But since I have gotten home  I am running a couple of degrees temperature every evening and my blood pressure and heart rates have jumped back up to levels that they were before the ablation,  and my arrhythmia  may be even more severe that it was before the ablation.

Any idea what is going on?    Can I expect it to get better?
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what arrhythmia were you ablated for?
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What you are experiencing physically after the ablation this soon is normal...what is not normal is for you to be running a temp.  It takes months for all of the episodes to disappear while your heart heals and it is not uncommon in the least to be getting random runs of arrthymias while your heart is healing and learning to re route the electrical patterns.  Try to remember that your heart was poked, prodded, penetrated and zapped and at six days out is still a little swollen from the procedure.  This is also common.  The fever tho is pretty suspect and you should call the doc and let them know that you are running a low grade temp. this is important that you do this ASAP so they can determine if it is coming from the procedure or maybe that you simply have a little bug thing going on thats causing it.  You don't want to take chances this soon after the ablation.  It is sort of a two fold situation here with the blood pressure and pulse jumping a little...the doc may want to put you on a low dose beta blocker like antenolol to see you thru these rough patches and to make it a little easier on you i think almost all of us that had our ablations went thru the random runs of fast and/or irregular heart beats after the procedure.  And yes it will definately get better and the episodes will become less and less as you heal...just don't panic here...call the doc tho its important that you do because of the fever....good luck
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