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Fish Oil Sensitivity


I'm new here, but have read some posts from the past and have a question for all of those who noticed an increase in palpitations when they used fish oil.  I was wondering if you noticed if fish oil in even small amounts caused an increase.  I have been having a lot of trouble with palpitations lately and I just noticed that my margarine (a high omega 3 margarine) has fish oil in it.  I'm wondering if that could be causing a problem for me.  Sorry if this seems like a weird question, but I'm just trying to figure this out.

Thanks for any help.
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In general, fish oils are supposed to decrease the frequency of palpitations rather than increase them. So your palpitations might not be due to your omega-3 margarine. There are many types of omega-3 margarines on the market and so it is difficult to judge in your case without seeing the actual nutritional label. However, there is no evidence that omega-3-enriched margarine is good for the heart -- see this link:


If you starting taking something and it causes you to feel bad, common sense says that you should stop it. I also suggest that you see a doctor to find out the cause and type of palpitations you are having.
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Thank you very much for responding to my post about fish oil.  Your comments and the link you provided were very helpful.
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