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Fish oil has heart-rhythm stabilizing effects: study

just read this about fish oils in rhythm probs and some seem to have an interest in them in here so thought this might help some bit ..................they may be worth a try

Fish oil has heart-rhythm stabilizing effects: study

NEW YORK (Reuters Health) - In a prospective clinical study, the consumption of fish oil supplements had the effect of reducing the electrical irritability of the heart in people with heart rhythm disturbances.

"This stabilizing effect may be one way in which fish oil reduces mortality in patients with coronary artery disease," Dr. Glenn D. Young from Royal Adelaide Hospital, Australia told Reuters Health.

"This study supports the more wide spread use of fish oil and/or fish consumption in coronary artery disease patients," Young said.

Several studies have reported a decrease in risk of sudden cardiac death or cardiac arrest with increased consumption of fish or fish oils, fueling the idea that fish oil may have heart-rhythm stabilizing, or "anti-arrhythmic" properties.

The study by Young and colleagues supports this line of thinking.

They studied 26 patients suffering from a rapid abnormal heart rhythm called ventricular tachycardia who were having a cardiac defibrillator implanted. Twelve patients consumed 3 grams of fish oil daily for 6 weeks and 14 did not.

At an initial electrophysiologic study, the researchers were able to induce ventricular tachycardia through programmed extra stimuli in all 26 patients.

At a repeat electrophysiologic study, 42 percent of the fish oil group had no inducible ventricular tachycardia compared with just 7 percent of the control group.

Additionally, 42 percent of the fish oil group required more aggressive stimulation to induce ventricular tachycardia, compared with 36 percent of the control group.

This research, conclude Young and colleagues, "strongly" supports the premise that fish and fish oils have heart-rhythm stabilizing effects, but their role in the management of patients with heart rhythm abnormalities "remains to be established."

SOURCE: American Journal of Cardiology, March 15, 2008.

there are a lot of different views on the use of fish oils ,the above is a positive one , i have been trying them and find the pvcs not as hard hitting ,i am not sure amount the amount to be taken etc

if anybody wants to add to this please do as it all helps
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Thanks for this info.  Its nice to have something concrete other than communicating what I feel my body doing to people.
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I purchased Spring Valley 1 gram softgels, and started taking tonight.
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Thanks for the info.

Unfortunately, a study that small only tells us that a larger study is justified. On the bright side, it appears to show that fish oil does no harm, and may (emphasis on may) be helpful. It's encouraging enough that I'm getting back on my fish oil capsuled.

Thanks again,,,

Bob A.
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Hi there

Thanks for the great read:)

I have been havin pvc for the last 5 months now, and they use to be severe and really hard to live with ! My doctor put me on Betabloc tab's 100mg once a day,and all they did was make me tired and lethargic and not able to concentrate to long @ work!!
I ended up back @ the doc's and and asked about these fish oil tabs and he said that they would not really have any effect. And then i found this sight and read about others taking fish oil and the luck they have had have is great:) So i started taking fish oil tabs(1000mg) I take 3 in the morning and 2 @ night just before i go to bed, And to be totally honest,they have helped enomously, I still have them, Butt not as many as i use to and not every day. I have also cutt my medication in half to (50mg) a day,not a (100mg).
So i Recom that people should take fish oil,maybe they will help or maybe they wont! maybe im just one of the lucky ones(WHO KNOWS)

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I would not be without my faithful fish oil. I take it in liquid form as the capsules have to dissolve and our bodies have to assimilate them, the liquid goes right into your system. I take "Carlson Fish Oil" Lemon flavored, really, once you get used to it, it is not too bad. In fact, I take it twice a day, per my doc, a tablespoon in the morning, and a tablespoon at night. I would recommend it to anyone, especially those who have heart rhythm problems or what to have general good cardiac health.

I read a lot of health articles in journals, and they all give thumps up to the fish oil, that is why you do not see eskimos with heart trouble, it is all the fish oil they get in their diet.
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thanks for that research - I'll cut and paste it into 'word' so i've got iy for reference

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You say the gel caps "have to be assimilated"...why is that different for a liquid?  Are you saying the covering on the gel capsules may be hard to digest/break-down?  

What is the dosage for a tablespoon of Carlson Fish Oil?  I think most capsules are 1 gram.  

Where do you buy Carlson Fish Oil, at a health food store, or is it available in drug stores?
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Hi Jerry~When I am talking about assimilation of the capsules, I mean the capsule has to break down first before the liquid can come out, and also, any fillers that might be involved have to be assimilated as well. Some folks, me, for one, have a difficult time digesting certain things. The liquid just goes right into your system without having to wait for the capsule to melt and nothing else to fight with it.

The dosage is 1 teaspoon equals 1,600 mg. So, a tablespoon would be 4,800. That is the entire Omega 3 Fatty Acids, the EPA and DHA.  I am on such a high amount because my doctor was wanting to lower the tryglycerides and CRP plus cholesterol. I have not had any side effects, and if I take less, I do notice the flutters more.

I get the Carlson Fish oil at my health store, I do not think drug stores sell it. Carlson has very strict rules regarding who they let sell their products, they are "super high end" and I recommend any of their supplements to anyone.
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i was wondering can a person cut the caspule pour onto a spoon and take as such i mean after buying them or it that a waste or a silly idea
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I do not see any reason why you could not do that, it might not taste as good as the ingredients are for the capsule, and it might have a different taste, but, it is worth a try.
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Be careful cutting vitamins.  I am not supposed to cut one of mine which I would have thought wouldnt be a big deal.  Usually your local Pharmacist would know this info.  
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Speaking of pills and cutting, I have 100 mg Metoprolo ER tablets that I split, 1/2 in the morning, 1/2 before bedtime.  These are simple aspirin-like pills/tablets that have a groove in them to facilitate braking in half.  I wonder when breaking them if the "extra" surface area affects the "ER" characteristic (extended release).  My doctor knows I'm breaking in half.  I could order 50 mg tablets, but I have many 100 mg tablets from the days of my taking 200 mg per day, boy did that give me problems (dizzy, tired...).

I think I can digest the Spring Valley softgels without any problem.  These sell at Walmart for about $6 for 200 1000mg tablets.  Of course I'd pay more for some that do more..for now I'm trying the Spring Valley, tonight being my first day with a capsule morning and night.
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