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Fitbit charge HR

Does anyone monitor there HR, I have SVT and wonder how accurate the fitbit
is and if it will pick up my SVT, looking at the fitbit charge HR.

Other options?
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I use a Fitbit Charge HR on my right wrist, and on my left wrist, a Samsung Gear 2 which has heart rate on demand as opposed to continuous heart rate monitoring,  Both are typically within 1 or 2 beats from each other.  For pure monitoring, the Charge HR is great, and it will store an entire days worth of heart rate data.  I've gotten my rate up into the upper 170s since I started wearing the Charge HR a couple of weeks ago.  But I have my doubt about how well it will monitor SVT rates.    The Charge HR as well as other fitness bands are optical heart-rate monitors.  They measure your heart rate using light. An LED shines through the skin, Employing a process called photoplethysmography, an optical sensor examines the pulsing fluctuations in light level which bounces back.  This can be translated into heart rate. What I don't know is how it will react during an SVT event, and if it will accurately display rates typically seen during an SVT event. I had SVT for 54 years, and saw rates usually around 230 to 240bpm.  I don't know... I just have my doubts that it will accurately display that rate.  BUT, the Charge HR is a great band.  I used a Fitbit Force for a couple of years, but it didn't have the heart rate monitoring.  I also use it for sleep monitoring since I have obstructive sleep apnea, and wear CPAP to correct it.  The band give me a rough idea of how well I'm sleeping by monitoring movement.  It's certainly worth a try.

I'm curious as to why you want to use it for SVT monitoring?  Remember that it's measuring rate only ,and not wave form as an EKG does.  It's been 5 years since my SVT was corrected, but I always know when one was happening.  That's for sure :-)
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I posted a screen shot of the Fitbit app.  I had to start a new thread in order to post the picture.  I hope this helps in you decision.  When I asked the question above, I didn't realize until after that it was you.
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Thanks for the info Tom.

I guess the fitbit would be more for relief while doing normal activity's.

Basically living around my anxiety and SVT now.....

I just wonder whats gonna be next.
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The other thing I wanted to tell you is that Fitbit's customer service is amazing. If you've got a problem.  They are on it until it's resolved.
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I have a small wrist and have not found the fit bit charger hr to be very accurate when it comes to my heart rate readings.  It's an odd oval shape and I have trouble getting it to sit well on my arm.  As well I am with Tom.  I am not sure how well any consumer end product will be at picking up svt rates in the 200s though I didn't have it when I still had svt so it may. Also I have had some issues with how it tracks my sleep.  It seems to show me sleeping after I woke up and was up and about for a couple of hours but sitting and watching tv.  I tend to have broken sleep.  So not an exact science in how much you really have slept but kind of neat to see how restless you are.  But I do love it for tracking how many steps and miles I walked.  I like to take hikes in the woods and see how far I have gone.  It is a very nice watch.  
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