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Fitness watch failure to record? Or pause in heart

Pls advise me I am going to have a panic attack. I was on my couch relaxed and I reached on the coffee table to grab something I felt odd briefly (not dizzy ) so I lifted my watch to check my pulse. And there was no reading which scared the hell out of me !! Waited for a couple of mins and took it by hand it was perfectly normal at 72. But I am worried now that I had "pauses" in my rythmm
I am scared so much...
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Before you get too concerned about heart stoppage, etc, you should check out your Fitness watch.  I’d be more inclined to thing the watch has a glitch than your heart, unless you have known heart issues.   A panic attack will affect heart rate, as well.  

If you ever feel like you’re having a medical emergency, be sure to go to the nearest ER if you have someone to take you or call 911 for help.
Thank you. I am thinking a glitch because it took about 3-4 mins to get a reading and if I were with low or no pulse for so long at least I would feel dizzy. No known heart issues
You're right, no pulse for several minutes wouldn't be good.  On the other hand, low pulse isn't always a horrible thing either.  Mine, typically runs in the upper 40's to low 50's and my cardiologist says that's okay.  

Although it seems to be a glitch in the watch,  if you're still feeling anxious about it, you can always schedule an appointment with your doctor to have your heart checked out.    Take care.
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