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Flare up of PVC and PAC

Hi everybody,

After I think 6 years I am back in this forum and so are my PVC and PAC.

A little history. I am 41 yrs old, female, 91 kilos, 1.75 meyers. In 2009 I was diagnosed with MVP with mild regurgitation. In 2010 I was diagnosed with an anxiety disorder.
Medicines I take are Nebivolol (Bystolic) 5 mg daily and 4.5 mg Bromazepam 3 mg in the morning and 1.5 mg before bedtime.
I remember in 2009 when I got those ectopics here and there I was so worried! I started taking magnesium, watching my diet and I made it till now  with the ectopics here and there.
On the anxiety front I wasn't doing so bad either. My last panic attack was in November 2014 while I was on vacation.

On 12th April 2015 in the morning I started feeling skipped beats one after another. I never felt this way in my life! I took my BP. It was normal but my pulse was 48! I contacted a cardiologist friend that I know and she instructed me not to take my Nebivolol that day because my pulse was low and start take half the dose (2.5 mg) the next day. In the afternoon hours my husband drove me to the ER. When reaching the ER they could not catch anything on the ECG. They sender me home. The next day it was worse than the day before. Again to the ER and again home.

2 weeks ago I saw the cardiologist. I did ECG (good). Echo (good, they could not find the MVP). Nuclear test (good).

Holter showed the next results.
Heart rate
Min: 41
Max: 108

pauses: 35 (greater than 2.5 sec). I don't understand what this pauses means.

Ventricular ectopy 2419 with 1509 single VE, 303 V-pairs and 86 V-runs. Ventricular Bigemeny events were 9 and Ventricular Trigemeny were 2.

Supraventricular ectopy was 551, with 333 single SVE, 81 SV-pairs and 17 SV-runs. Supraventricular Bigemeny events were 1 and Supraventricular Trigemeny were 0.

Total minutes ST episode 1208.
SDNN Index: 113

Can somebody explain me please the holter result?

The cardiologist told me that my heart structure is good and that the ectopics are benign.
He told me to up my dose of Nebivolol to 5 mg and exercise and that eventually they will disappear.

Well well after that I was still feeling bad because I could feel everyone of those beats especially when sitting or resting.

Sorry for the long post but I came here for answers and reassurance.

I have to mention that over a month ago that my mother suffered an Angina Pectoris and that I have a stressful job for 14 years.

I am feeling now that my life is on hold. I am now on sick leave. It has been a month that I have been to my job.

Thank for reading and answering,

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All I can say is, you are like the 4th or 5th person on this board to flare recently, including myself.   I know two people that have ectopics, and both of the are reporting flares.  I don't know what's up, something's in the air!

Hang in there and sort it out!
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I am from a little island in the Caribbean and the only thing in the air right now is a lot of Sahara dust. I don't think this has any connection with the flare up....lol.
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itdood is right!  I am back and I have seen several other posts about people flaring.......weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!
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I think we are in the same boat again after so many years....I remember RNRITA and itdood from back then...
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In the same breath I am happy that we are still around...that is a good sign.
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HAHAHAHAHHAHAH  that made me laugh.  Yes, I'm still here, but with each flare up, I have to get used to it all over again and SWEAR it's "different this time."  
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Well there goes my theory that moving to the Caribbean would make my PVCs go away!!   heck with that, I'm still retiring there.  :-)

RNRita, I swear every time is different, my wife has let me know it's not!!! lol
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Yeah, my husband tried to tell me the same thing....I ain't buyin' it and he shouldn't be sellin' it!  bwahahahhahahahahah
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:-).  Same boat!  Lol
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Yes, same here! And swear it's different this time too, and assured by my EP it's not. Lol
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I started taking magnesium taurate from Cardiovascular Research 500 mg per day about a week ago. Since last Sunday I noticed that my palpitations have diminished.
I used to take magnesium taurate sporadically in the past but stopped it because I was feeling good.
I will keep you all posted how I am improving.

I am a pretty sedentary person. I don't like to exercise but I am planning to start this Monday.

I am from Aruba, a little island in the Caribbean...summer all year long.

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I would love to be from Aruba......that being said, let us know. I take magnesium.  Was great for a few years.  Now flare up even with it.  ugh.  The only thing during mag therapy is constant, bathroom issues.  Switched to mag citrate, but don't have as good a response. Who knows?
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