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Fluctuating symptoms

Not sure where to start....started having noticeable pvc's approx. 5 yrs ago, then SVT, high blood pressure immediately following delivery of 3rd child, blood pressure stabilized however 9 mos after delivery diagnosed with heart failure.  Echo done 1 1/2 yrs ago shows EF back to 60%.  Last year diagnosed with POTS.  Now have been "sick" since Oct. started with flu like illness.  Started feeling severe pressure in head side of face and ears, sever fatigue.  Have had run of SVT 3 or 4 times over last couple months.  Now having issues with blood pressure and pulse fluctuating.  When blood pressure is high pulse is low, when pulse is high blood pressure is low, lightheaded, some nausea and still pain in ears and head, side of neck is tender on both sides.  Have been back and forth to Doctor had CBC, thyroid test, metanephrine plasma, CT abdomen and chest.  All tests so far have come back normal.  Not sure what to do but days are getting worse, it is becoming more difficult to do day to day activity.  Please help?
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Sorry you haven't gotten any helpful responses, yet.  Being a guy and suffering only from AFib (and age) I can't draw from my experience.  While on the "guy" subject, I notice your profile shows you as "male", you may want to change that.

Now for a couple of guesses, hope it leads to some real help, are you leading a healthy life:  near correct weight, get exercise, find time to rest/sleep ( you say 3 children, this is enough in my mind to put some stress on a body).  

I think a reverse bp/hr characteristic is a good sign, but I could be wrong.  That is high bp and hr at the same time is worse than high bp and low hr (I'm guessing here, maybe I read that somewhere - I welcome corrections from others).

A good start to feeling better (given you have had sufficient medical attention  -  seems you have tried) is to get you mind around a positive grip on your health and putting into practice a "health heart" life style.
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What type of svt do you have?  What are your symptoms?  Does it start and stop suddenly?  Are you short of breath or do you faint?  What are you doing about your heart failure?  Are you on any medications?   Have you been to see someone about Dysutomonia?  POTS can be a symptom of that.  I am not a doctor so unfortunately I can't diagnose you but if you have an accessory pathway svt you may want to consider having it fixed.  This may take off any undue stress on your heart and help it heal.  From what I understand if you can eliminate the fast beat that has possibly caused some heart troubles the heart troubles can be cleared up with the correction of the fast beat.   In any event, it sounds like a trip to the cardiologist might be in order to try and get your svt under control in the minimum and make sure these flu like symptoms aren't a progression of your heart failure.  Take care. I hope you feel better soon.  Keep us posted on how you are doing.
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One other important thing to note.  Are you retaining water?  Are your feet and ankles swollen?  Are you on a diuretic?   If you are retaining water and not on a water pill you probably should be.  If you are on a water pill you may want to get your potassium levels checked because diuretics draw potassium out of your system and out of whack potassium levels may be contributing to your heart issues.  
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Thanks for the info... The SVT stopped during preganancy (5 Yrs) however have experienced 3 episodes in the last 5 or 6 weeks.  When diagnosed with heart failure I was at 35% Ef....1 1/2 yrs ago (last echo) I was at normal level 60%....No really swelling or retaining water although seems I have gained some "fat" around my waistline, no substantial changes on the scale.  Until this began about 3 months ago I was active, yoga and walking on daily basis and fairly fit.  I am 5' 7" fluctuate between 130-135.  The only med I am on is metoprolol, 25mg once day, I was not able to tolerate much more any of the beta-blockers I have tried bring my heart rate down too low.  I noticed yesterday and day before I woke up with low blood pressure 90's/50's  heart rate in 90's felt weak unable to rise out of bed and get going easily, after getting up and around felt "ok" for a couple hours as afternoon continued started having episodes of high pressure 130's/90's with normal heart rate 70's then low episodes again.  Felt terrible before dinner, weak lightheaded, fluctuating bp and heart rates nauseated, ate then within 30 mins or so started feeling a little better.  As evening continued heart and bp very low again staying that way until bed.  Have been trying to research to see what tests I should request....any experience with adrenal failure?  This is really freaking me out because it has come on so quick and continued.  I have experienced bad weeks since the original diagnosis of heart failure but they always get better most of the time I experience these after sickness flu etc...however have never experienced for this long or with such fluctuating bp and heart.  Last time I was "ill"  I had weakness, high bp and heart rate which went away after a couple weeks each day feeling better as it went.  If anyone has any ideas please help I am at my wits end!
Thank you to everyone who has responded, I really appreciate all the info.
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So you have been to the doctor with these flu like symptoms and your heart checked out fine?  It's not clear to me that you had your heart checked since October since this all started.  I would go back to the cardiologist and get yourself checked out by him since your bp is all over the place and you have congestive heart failure.  It is also possible you need to change your medicine.  Well I hope you can find some answers so you can feel better soon.
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Thanks for the info. and suggestion.  I have an appt. on Friday with cardiologist.  Not sure how that is going to go....went to see him approx. 2 weeks after I initially got sick he said everything sounded good ekg looked good.  
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