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Fluttering and Pulsing in neck


I have been suffering from a fluttering feeling in the base area of my neck that causes difficulty breathing, muscular tenderness in my chest (mostly on the left side) and the feeling of blood rush to my head.

I also have had pulsing throughout my body (legs, arms, eye, hips) for extended periods of time for the past 2 years. (No more than one week pulsing).

This has been happening since 2008.

Echocardiogram (ultrasound) of my heart (2009). RESULT = Ok
Holter monitor multiple times (2009-2010) RESULT = Ok
ECG multiple times for the past few years. RESULT = Ok
Thyroid tests. RESULT = Ok
Blood tests. RESULTS = Near low level platelets, nothing to worry about. Everything else Ok.
Pulmonary Function tests.  RESULT = Ok

Medical Conditions:
High Blood Pressure MEDICATION: Lisinopril .5mg
Polycystic Kidneys MEDICATION: None, Functioning perfectly
Gastrointestinal Reflux MEDICATION: Omeprazole 40mg
Asthma from age 4-8

I do not suffer from anxiety. I do get anxious and worried a bit after the fluttering happens because my chest becomes tender and it becomes difficult to breathe. But I do not have anxiety in everyday terms.

Personal attributes:
170 lbs.
26 years old
Somewhat active
Do not drink alcohol
Do not smoke
Drink only water and Gatorade
I eat very healthy at dinner (All types of vegetables (fresh), All types of meat, not enough fish)
I do snack too many sweets at work (Chocolate granola bars, cereal bars (not the healthy kind), nutrigrain bars, Pop Tarts)

Could this fluttering feeling be heart, vascular, or nerve related? Could I have a vitamin deficiency?

Any ideas will be much appreciated. Just need some help getting on the right track.

Thank you!


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Sounds like you've been checked out well should be nothing.  But, the neck has major veins and (forget the name) one is a "weak" spot for clots and may have some of the symptoms you mention.  Again sounds like you've had a full medical checkout and I'm sure they considered what I am trying to recall about neck clot issues.  

Hope all is well and you have a Merry Christmas

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