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Frequent PVCs/PACs anti-arrhythmia drugs??

Hi, I posted a while back about having PVCs and flutters. After a 30 day event Moniter I was told that I have PACs, PVCs, and about 6,000 a day. That seems like a very scary number to me, but my cardiologist said it was still a low number. I have a lot of anxiety about this, and he prescribed me an  anti-arrythmia drug to take as needed since I mentioned I'm feeling long runs of the palps happening on and off for hours sometimes. I'm already on a beta blocker. I just read about the terrifying heart side effects of these anti arrhythmia drugs and I'm really freaked out. He told me these PVCs aren't dangerous, and I get the feeling he prescribed this just to ease my anxiety when they're happening. It just seems like such a serous drug for that purpose. Has anyone else taken this for frequent PVCs? Or is this many PVCs/PACs dangerous or going to cause heart failure? I have no follow up appointment, and I feel like my cardiologist is sick if seeing me in there.
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I've taken Flecanide since March of last year for frequent PVCs.  Antiarrythmics can have some pretty scary side effects.  I tolerated a low dose of it, and it really helped control the PVC burden.  
You mentioned you didn't have a follow up appointment.  I personally would feel better to have a follow up appointment scheduled if taking the antiarrythmic.  Have you seen an electrophysiologist for the PVC's or just a cardiologist?
Yeah I feel like they prescribed it to me to shut me up basically because I kept coming in every couple of months with new symptoms and I think that "anxiety" must be all over my chart because it seems like they don't take me seriously. It's weird to be prescribed this serious drug and then not have any kind of follow up. I haven't seen an EP and my cardiologist hasn't suggested it. They mostly deal with electrical issues right? Are you taking the Flecainide because your PVCs are considered dangerous, or just to ease your discomfort?  Supposedly I haven't had any VT or AFIB from what the holter showed
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I had holter monitor that showed over 32000 PVCs in 24 hours with bigeminy, couplets, pauses, and runs.  I haven't been told they are dangerous.  Having that high number of PVCs a day was wearing me out.  The beta blockers lowered my already low BP too much, even at a low dose. So, Flecanide was my option.
If PVCs are really bothering you, you should see about getting in with an EP.
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