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I recently wore a holter monitor that came back with 92 PAC's over a 24 hour period. I have been having the fluttering feeling we all know and fear more often lately. I have been to 4 different cardiologists over the past 3 years and have had every test under the sun. My question is if my heart is structurally fine, why am I having more palpitations? The most PAC's I ever had on a 24 monitor before this was 10 and I've had many monitors.
Is it factual that stress brings on palpitations?  My cardiologist just tells me not to worry and enjoy life. Easy for him to say. Appreciate any feedback or to hear from people having the same problem.
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You may get more if you post on the Heart Rhythm Community.  But I will say I have read many threads about PVC and believe you count is very low compared to what many have to live with.  Sad news, but my reading of the subject is for "mild" cases it is best to just "live with it"... seems that's what your doctors have told you.

PVC are caused by electrical signal problems and exist in a structurally normal heart.  

There are some strong threads on the subject most from the Heart Rhythm Community.
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