Anyone get paps after drinking this, not sure if it has anything in it to make heart skip , I drink two a day , I hate water so trying keep drink going lol,
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Check the label for caffeine.  If it is the lemon-lime flavor, I suppose the citrus flavor could cause some irritation.  If that happens with me, I have palp issues.  It is not carbonated, is it?  That will cause trouble for me too.  Good luck.
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It is very likely that the drink is over stimulating the vagus nerve.  Caffeine, carbonation and anything that can irritate the stomach will cause a rise in ectopic beats so if it is giving you a lot of trouble then just avoid it. I also understand that it can be full of sugar which is another trigger for ectopic beats.  As well please keep in mind that Gatorade is full of sodium so if you have any blood pressure issues you should probably avoid it for that reason alone.  Gatorade and similar drinks are really designed for people who work out vigorously to get a quick electrolyte replenishment and not for casual drinking.  
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