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Getting off Metoprolol

I've been on Metoprolol ER for about three years now and was wondering what it is like to get off of it?  Knowing that my heart rate, blood pressure,  pvc's and pac's are being controlled by the meds, I didn't know how hard it would be to get off of it. Also, has anyone gained weight as a result of taking Metropolol?  Thank you
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No issue what so ever. Never even thought about it afterwards.
Were you on the extended release Metoprolol?  How long had you been on it before you got off? Thank you:-)
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I'd taper.  Might have to switch to non XR to do a taper.  call your doc.
Thanks. Yes, I had a REALLY bad reaction to an antibiotic (Leviquin) and my Dr. never recognized it.  Ever since that I have questioned everything they tell me.  I thought that I would get as much advice as I can get before cutting back.  
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