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Glucose and Afib

I had my first episode of AFib in May of 2014 and just had my second one on June 17, 2016.  My blood work was fine except that my glucose level was 132.  My glucose is always between 85-95. The nurse told me that AFib can sometimes mess with some blood values (hormonal especially).  I also take 12.5 mg Levothyroxine...they said that my TSH was a little high too...my last blood work before this showed that it had normalized. This was not NOT fasting blood. I was able to convert in four hours with just the saline solution. I took 75 mg Metoprolol before going to hospital to bring heart rate down. They tried to give me Cardizem but my blood pressure was too low on it. Turns out that dehydration triggered the incident....or at least that is what they surmised. This glucose number is concerning to me as the episode took place in a.m. I had not eaten anything for about 5 or 6 hours. My last blood work before this was in May and all was fine with glucose. They did a stress test and an ECHO and all were ok except for some mild mitral valve regurgitation and calcification. EKG in sinus rhythm was fine.

Is there a reason the glucose was up due to the AFib? I have a lot of anxiety and to me this is worrisome. The nurse did not seem concerned at all and the doctors did not mention it. I am now on Coumadin 4 mg. since this is my 2nd incident. This glucose has me worried. Thanks in advance for any input for my question.

NOTE: I don't know i this is relevant, but I had knee replacement surgery on May 10, 2016.
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Hi Jeanette, I don't have any experience with afib so anything I say is pure speculation but I do know that sugar and carbohydrates can have an affect on heart rhythm so it is possible the high reading contributed but I honestly can't say a doctor would agree.  I think one reading among many doesn't necessarily mean there is diabetes but you may want to check that section out to see what others there say.  Do you recall what you ate the day before the blood was taken?  It could simply be a result of the food the day before why the reading was high.  Unfortunately afib can be hard to treat and tends to come back but just do your best to avoid too much sugar and carbohydrates and drink lots of water.  And ask the doctor if the reading was a false positive because you were in afib.  I know cardiac enzymes can be produced during heart rhythm episodes but not sure there would be a sugar spike but I am not a doctor so I really don't know.  Try not to stress if you can.  Stress will only compound the issue.  Many people have afib and are able to manage it well.  Please keep us posted what the doctor says.
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