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Got the final word from the DR.

My doctor just left me a message and he said he talked to the EP and he said that they highly recommend me to go for the ablation. So i'm going in monday for the confrence with him and setting up the procedure appointment.

This really *****, I was learning to deal with my pvc's and was just waiting for the echo results to say everything is fine and I could move on, then of course they find something else.

Can anyone that's had a ablation for SVT tell me about the procedure, i've read that people's PVC's actually get worse after the ablation, did this happen to any of you? Also, just wondering what the rate was of this actually curing it, i'm just scared they are going to mess it up worse then it already is, and how long did the procedure take for you?
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I only read in one book that the rate of success and rate of complication is low for ablation of certain types of SVT's.  Actually, I dont think the numbers are especially reliable.  My left free wall pathway ablation should have had an excellent rate of cure with low probability of complication. After ablation, my SVT was mostly cured, but I did have some complications.  I am able to manage the resulting PVC's and/or arrhythmia's with a little bit of beta blocker, reduction of caffeine, and exercise. It is definitely nice to be free of any long bursts of SVT. I guess it goes without saying that it is a good idea to educate yourself about this stuff, and to choose your EP carefully. Regards, Bromley.
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Are they planning to do the ablation for PVC's (premature beats) or for SVT (atrial tachycardia)?  I've had ablations done for my atrial tachy's and they're improved but my PVC's and PAC's are still with me. No worse, no better, just hiccuping along during the day.
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They are doing it for the SVT, I havn't really noticed that i;ve even had SVT, but again i'm not sure, my heart always beats hard and fast no matter what but I just threw it off to be anxiety/stress, I think the only reason they are going with the ablation this fast is because when I exercise it comes on. Which I don't know if that's dangerous or not.

Do you know if the EKG would have said SVT on it when it happend during the treadmill test? Or could they have mistaken SVT from a anxiety attack? Because during the treadmill test when I had my heart rate up to about 180 I had a pvc and then I had a anxiety attack and my heart went up into the 200's, then stayed at 217-220 bpm.
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That's a tough call between the exercise and the anxiety. From what I've read anxiety increases the heart rate at a slower rate, it builds over a short time. Something like PSVT which I have, the heart rate literally changes in a heart beat, jumping from 65 to 190. It will also turn off as quickly. From the tracing they got during your test, they'll be able to tell the difference.
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Ok thanks, I was just worried that they were going to just try to do the ablation over nothing. Well i'm going in monday for the conference with the EP to find out the whole situation i'll keep you guys updated.
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I had a heart rate of 220-250 with my SVT. I had the ablation and my PVC's have actually been better.
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Hi, this is hansonkay. Glad to hear you finally know what is going on. I bet that is a bit of a relief. Good luck with you're ablation. i now, am on the other boat. Still waiting , i have already had all the tests and on Nov.24th will have my third holter monitor. Really getting tired of these. But, I already saw an EP and he did my stress test and ordered all of these holters to be done. I guess for compaison. He said that i may need a pacemaker. I can't have an ablation done i was told as the location of my pvc's. When the EP say's he would not do the ablation as you may have a heat attack on the table or worse. You do'not do it. I also can't take meds. to help with the pvc's as my pulse is to low. I see him on Dec.5th and go from there. I will be thinking of you and hoping everything goes well with you're alblation. Kay
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