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Gurgling sensation

I found this forum thread by googling "gurgling heart," and my symptoms (if that's what they are) are strangely similar in some ways to the details in the original post.  I have the same gurgling sensation in the upper left section of my chest (my upper left), consistently.  It's not the same sensation as a hunger or digestion rumble.  It's kind of bizarre feeling.  Mine happen at night, but also sometimes during the day.  I also have the same heart rate issues.  I'll wake up with a loud/hard heartbeat, get up and go to the restroom, go back to bed and have a barely-there heartbeat (which is strange having just walked back from the bathroom).  In addition, I feel like I'm forcing myself to breathe during these episodes, almost as if there's nothing in my chest if that makes sense. I start freaking out because I can't feel or hear my heart beat, and the gurgling sensation freaks me out even more.  And so then, I think to myself... I'm scared right now, so my heart should be beating harder right now... but it doesn't.  It just pitters very softly along with the gurgling.  I don't really have any other symptoms.  I don't know if this is something I should have examined, or just let it go.  I haven't been to a doctor in several years, so it's probably a good idea to go anyway.  I just find it interesting that someone else has something very similar going on.  But I'd really like to find some answers about the gurgling issue.

By the way, I'm 30 years old, fairly slender, non-smoker, non-drinker, average/poor American diet, and hardly ever exercise.  I know, I should exercise and eat better.  I plan on starting to exercise this spring!

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i have that same gurgling feeling i hate it went to er was told i have anxiety , i think it has something to do with reflux or gas..if you worried  go to a dr.its probally nothing . good luck let me know how it goes
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It is probably nothing, maybe gas or, if you have a hiatal hernia, that might be the culprit. I get that feeling sometimes myself, it is the pits. I also get a sinking feeling sometimes right before I notice the "flutter". Sometimes, I can press an area in my tummy, right above the naval, close to the sternum, and when I do, I get a "watery" feeling in my throat, then, it might even bring on a PAC. I tell you, having things like this are no fun.
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i have been having this exact feeling minus the light heartbeat. i get the gurgling in my chest upper leftside and i swear its with my heartbeat. i have had all sorts of tests, including halter moniter, ultrasound and ekg but it never happens during those. i wonder if mine is anxiety but it happens when im not anxious...so... anyhow i share your anxiety over this. i have occasional panic attacks and pretty severe anxiety. im 30 non smoker should excersize more also. im just glad to read that someone else feels this strange sensation because it really scares me. i have a moniter that i place on there now when i get the sensation and it records it and sends it to the cardiologist so if i get info i will make another post! good luck!jessica
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Hi - I have the same gurgling feeling. Did you ever find out what it is?? Thanks
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Hi.  Thank goodness I've found someone else with the weird hardness between navel and sternum.  When I push mine it sort of squishes and goes away - I wondered if my bowel is a bit lazy at that point..? (I had an op when I was smaller, so perhaps the muscles got damaged or I've got an adhesion).  I also get the gurling sensation.  Never been to a doc, but do get anxiety so maybe it is related.  Did you ever find out what the lumpiness below sternum is?
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I have the Samee thing , mine keeps gurgling over and over and a tangle feeling with IT ! And a really quite heartbeat ... Its almost like i didnt have a beat so thenn i freakout even more so thenn my heart rate goes up even more and I startle myself oh and im 16 BTW , and when I get up in the muddle of the night to use the bathroom and my heart will be pounding like crazy so hard IT feels like its goona burst , does anyone else feel this way?
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