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HELP. Please!

HELP. Please! I had a heart attack in January 2017, had 4 stents implanted, recovered at home and started Cardiac Rehab about 6 weeks ago. I am 52 years old. Strong family history of heart disease. (Younger brother had quad bypass at 44 years old). The thing is that for the last 3 weeks, I have had terrible palpitations, (PVCs) constantly and every day. They make me feel as if I am just about to blackout. I get a terrible headache as soon as they start which stays for hours. I used to have PVCs before my heart attack. I have had them for over 20 years and took Metoprolol during all that time and I believed it helped up to a degree. I was able to work, travel and at least have a pretty normal life.  The thing is that now the PVCs have become so constant I can't do much at all.I went to the Dr. one day because my pulse went down to 54 and I was feeling very weak and dizzy. Since then, my pulse has been at the lower end, which was never before. They did not think much of it and refused to adjust/change any of the medications. I am taking 25 mg of Metoprolol twice/day, Lipitior, Plavix and Lisinopril. The Dr. said this is the right mix fro me.  I called the Dr. (office) and explained that I was still feeling dizzy and that a few times almost experienced Syncope. His nurse said that they would call me back after she spoke to the Dr. about it, but never did. As I mentioned before, I have had PVC's before, but now after my Heart Attack, is it different? Before the Drs. always told me they were benign.  
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Call the doctor's office again, tell them they never did call back and that you do not feel well.  If you get blown off again, frankly, with the symptoms you describe, I'd say it's time to get a second opinion for a bit more evaluation and a *lot* more explanation, which you are entitled to.

Don't hesitate about this.  Doctors get paid to see you, so in a sense, they are *your* employees.
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