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Hair losss

I have long hair and everyday for the last week I brush and have a hand full of hair i am scared
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You haven't given us anything we can relate to heart rhythm symptoms.

I believe some have temporary hair loss side effects to various medications.  Are you taking any prescription medications?
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From Lizzatflorida-Sorry I do take metoprolol and I had to go to the emergency room twice because I thought I was having a heart attack-The pharmacist said that one of the side affects is hair loss but I know what happens when I don't take this medicine.
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I take 100 mg metoprolol and I am not aware of any hair loss from that. I've taken as much as 200 mg, but only for short periods.  Not hair loss then either.  

I think some side effects, like hair loss, are frequently temporary...hope that's your situation.
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