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Has anyone gone off Metoprolol Tartrate without tapering?

I recently had an ablation for SVT & the Surgeon told my husband I would no longer need to take Metoprolol (which I had been taking for 7 years). So...I stopped and not sure if I am feeling kind of weak and weird because of the ablation recovery or from the sudden stop of the Metoprolol. Has anyone dealt with this issue? Thanks
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Did you taper off of your beta blocker before the procedure or was it a sudden stop. How long before the procedure did you stop completely?

I have been taking atenolol for about 10 years now and I can tell my heart is dependent on it because if I skip a dose I get really anxious, my heart rate goes up and I get a lot of palpitations. If I go through with the ablation procedure, I am a bit worried about the effect on my heart of not taking it anymore.
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