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Has anyone had an AV Node ablation?

AV NODE ABLATION.  I am being advised to do this by my new cardiologist, also by my family doctor. A previous cardiologist (who did my 2 cardiac ablations) advised me not to do it. So, I'd like to talk with someone who has had it done and get their feedback.  It will make me totally pacemaker dependent, so that is worrisome. I am not  having much quality of life now.  Any advice will be appreciated. Thanks, DD.
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Yeah man.. If youve already attempted rhythm control its a good idea.

Pacemaker technology,has come a long way.. 6 week healing process then you wont know its there.. Just get followups every 6 months. The battery is good for about 10 years..

If you havent had a pulmonary vein isolation yet that can be a good idea as well.. But its actually a riskier procedure. If youve already had one though the av node ablation is the best bet.

Other providers recommend avoiding the pvi because of the risks involved.. In that regard theres 2 schools of thought when it comes to afib.. Rhythm control which focuses on attacking the actual afib.. And rate control which involves stopping the rapid heart rates. Im more biased towards aggressive rhythm control personally, but theres good evidence for both as a management strategy in different sitiations.
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Thanks.  I would really like to talk to someone who's had one.
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I think you've been on the forum for at least as long, if not more than I.  In my 7 years with the forum, we've had what.... perhaps just a couple of people on here who were seriously considering AV Node ablation.  It's a big decision, and of course there's no going back.  Pacer technology is insanely advanced now and who knows what lies ahead in its technology.  Listen to what everyone has to say, digest the information, and make an informed decision.
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Yep, I've been on several years, only not much the last year or two.  I was pretty incapacitated after my ablations, they couldn't keep me in rhythm or keep my hr down.  Finally I had a year and a half of pretty good management on Amiodarone and Atenolol. Then scan showed possible Amio toxicity and they wanted me off of it.  Pulmonologist said it was ok as far as he was concerned. So I've been on Norpace & Atenolol for a couple of months with mixed results.  It's helping but causing a lot of digestive trouble which, in turn, makes the a fib worse. Thanks for your input.  This is not a decision I will make lightly -- as you say, it can't be undone.
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