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Have you ever worn an Event heart Monitor (Loop Recorder)

My kid was sent to a heart specialist with complaints of shortness of breath and pain, and they did a test where she ran on a treadmill and they said that came back perfectly normal.  They made her wear a Holter Monitor for a day and that came back perfectly normal. And then they said she has to wear the Event Loop Monitor for 1 week.

QUESTION:  Well I'm a bit concerned because it's only Day 2, and the machine keeps making a beeping sound and automatically records her heart everytime she goes from sitting to standing position or when she is climbing the stairs.  Is that normal??? Is it normal that it records that many events? Or is the machine broken? It's basically almost every time she stands up or walks up/down the stairs.  

Big Thanks.
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I had what's called an event monitor, it ready your heart rhythm when you push a button... Then you use your house phone to send your information to a company in charge of monitoring the devices.. Then they tell you if this event you are requesting information is something that needs to be look in to.. They send all your information to his or her cardiologist for review.. My doctor called my with his diagnosis...
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Thanks oxer! The one she has automatically senses the "events" but she also has the option to push the Button if she has an "event".  The cardiologist is going to have a follow up appointment with her about a week after she has to return the monitor so I'm sure he will review it with her then, but the thing is I am worried from now especially since the recorder is automatically detecting events everytime she stands up or uses the stairs.
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There are a number of different brands of event monitors, and each one has different features. Them one I used For 30 days which worked as follows:
-the lab (hospital) preprogrammed the recorder to auto record when my heart rate reached a set point.  It also was programmed to record for a certain amount of time.
- the recorder had 3 buffers to store the recordings.  When a recording was started, either auto or manual, the recorder jumped back 30 seconds before the event started, then recorded for two minutes.  In doing so, it was able to record the initiation of the event.
-once the 3 buffers were filled, the recorder would lock down, and emit a series of warning beeps every 10 minutes.  This was a reminder to call the lab and download the recordings.
-after the lab acknowledged the reception, the buffers were emptied, and the process was repeated.

Did you get a phone number to call to download the recordings?  Please note that the recorder has a limited number ofnrecordings, and oncenfilled will probably not record any more until the buffers are emptied.
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I forgot to answer your other questions.
The units are pretty reliable provided the electrode pads are affixed properly and securely to the chest.
Depending on how they set up the recorder, it could be recording normal sinus tachycardia as a result of increased cardiac demands.
Of course it could be recording valid events.  Dependingmon your child's age, I'd try and interrogate her to try to determine if these are actual events or not.  I'd also get on the phone with the physician ASAP and get things straightened out.
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Thanks Tom_h! Will call doctor tomorrow AM.
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it could be the monitor sensing her hear rate spiking as she stands or exertion such as climbing stairs; it really sounds like that's what's happening...ask her doctor if it could be POTS (Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome) or another form of Dysautonomia but it could be due to something else completely.

here's some info to read http://www.medhelp.org/health_pages/Neurological-Disorders/Autonomic-Dysfunction-FAQ/show/181?cid=196 make sure she's keeping a log with the monitor on and it might be helpful to keep with the log in a spiral bound notebook of dates, times & symptoms
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