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Having fast heart rate and pvc. V tach?

Hi there. I want to begin to tell you that I have suffer from health anxiety for few years. I was actually good for 3 years until 10 weeks ago.

Last two years I've had skipped beats. Doctor told me it was probably pvc and did no test. I believed him and continued with my life. These skipped beats would happened when in rest so I wasn't worried. Last year I had a hernia surgery and I couldn't run for 4 month's. Then last summer I noticed when I started running that my heart would skip beats or flutter more frequently during excersice. Sometimes just 1-2 times but sometimes 10 times.

I saw a cardiologist and he did ECG, echo, stress test. My heart is structurally normal and everything looks fine except 1 pvc during stress test.

I didn't have any anxiety and continue working out. Than 10 weeks ago I was running. I'm not in good shape because I'm scared of exercising. Everything went fine until I had pvc. I continued running and got few in a row! my heart started pumping and I felt numbness and my heart was getting pvc A LOT. I thought I was going to faint but I didn't. My friend called the ambulance. I freaked out When they came my pvc had stop and I just had 150 bpm. ECG showed nothing. Had a blood test as we'll and 2 more ECG which showed nothing. Docs told me nothing to worry about.

I was fine until week ago when I was watching tv and relaxing. I noticed chest tingling. I took my pulse and it was fast. I had a panic attack and skipped beats, few in a row. I called a ambulance and they did ECG 2x and there we're no sign of anything. My skipped beats were not happening when they came.

I had a holter and I'm waiting for the results but it only captured skip bear  while at rest. I'm trying to get on with my life but I can't take this anymore. I'm so anxious. Deep down in my heart I worry so much that I have Venticular tachardia because of those skipped beats while excsersising or panic attacks. They came more than 3 in a row and that is suppose to be a bad sign. I want to believe my doctors but I can't get it out of my head that they have never capatured my heart fast and inregular at the same time. Only pvc or fast sinus rate.

I'm can't sleep I can't enjoy anything and I'm have been a mess last week's because of this Venticular tachardia anxiety.

summary. I've experience at least two times fast rate and skipped beats. It also happened one time when I had adrenaline rush because of a bad family fight. My heart started skipping beats alot and sometimes even during dramatic sport events my heart races with skipped beats. It happens if I have adrenaline, if I'm excsersising and panic attacks and stress.Also sometimes when drinking alcohol

I'm 24 year old 90 kg 185 cm never smoked have panic attacks and health anxiety.

Should I worry that they have never capture my heart going fast and skipping beats? Any advice? be honest
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Hello~I am so sorry you are experiencing these issues with your heart.

To be honest, it all sounds anxiety-related. You see, even if we don't think we are nervous, our sub-conscious knows we are, then, when we feel that horrible little "blips", that starts the panic in motion, this in turn starts the rush of adrenaline which makes the heart do the disco dance. The more we worry, the worse it gets. Even if we are a wee bit apprehensive, our bodies are uptight, and this sets up the adrenaline, thus causing the dang skips and fast heart rate. Oh, and even if they did come three in a row, that is not serious, many people have many many more than that and their hearts are in fine shape.

I think all your issues are directly related to fear over your heart (I am that way too)and listening and watching for every little weird feeling and beat.

Try to believe your doctor, I know it is difficult at times, but since all the tests came back favorably and he said not to worry, try to relax and continue on with what you are doing.

I would not worry too much, when ever I wore those monitors, my heart never acted up, why, because we feel secure, thus our bodies are in calm mode. The minute I would return the monitor back to the clinic, however, my darn heart would start to act up again, it never fails. I have heard the same from many other skip-beat sufferers as well.
Thanks for a great answer. Feeling a lot calmer. Im waking up tho with racing heart rate. I'm trying to stop worrying. Taking small steps
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