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Heart Ablation second time around

Hi, is there any one out there that has had ablation on their heart twice yet? I have had it done &
My dr wants to do it again to see if it will help! I had a complet heart block the night I had it and
I am still on alot of meds too, 75 mgs twice a day & I am still passing out too. I can breath better
and I can walk futher though, so its not a complet wast that I had it done the first time. I just want
to know if its worth having it again? Please any one out there!

                                                      waitting please,

                                                      sister mtt

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I have only had one ablation, however I have met several people who have had two or more ablations. Check out afibbers.org. There are alot of people there who have had more than one ablaiton.
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I have had two>  The doctor wanted to try for greater improvement in reducing my PVCs.  It worked!!
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I have had 4 (3 for AVNRT and 1 for RVOT-VT) What did you have your ablations for?
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I've had 3, mostly to bring my atrial tachy (PSVT) under control. I still have it but it's much better. My PAC's and PVC's were never a concern. They also found some atrial flutter which they zapped.

You said you had complete heart block. Is that why they did the ablation? I've never heard of that. Has your cardio mentioned a pacemaker for you?
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My name is gail and to in response to your question I have had several ablations and had no regrets. I prefer it to taking life long meds that have there challenges also. I prob. will have ablations again in the future. I had partial block afterwards and still struggle with vasovagal syndrome but the psvt is very much improved.
hope this helps you a little.
God Bless and will keep you in my prayers.
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