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Heart Attack or Costochronditis?

I woke up this morning feeling as though I had to burp but just couldn't. I've been feeling tightness in my mid upper back and my chest. I've already had my heart checked about 3 yrs ago. Thoroughly checked (cardiologist) and was told my heart is fine. Symptoms went away for about 2 hours them came back. Discomfort came back but I started feeling anxiety and tingling in my mouth. I don't have insurance and don't want to visit E.R. if I don't have to. Help
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I think you should get it checked out -- a lot can change in 3 years.  Is there a low cost clinic there?  Urgent care?  Those are usually cheaper than the ER.
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I agree with Delta here however there are some very specific symptoms for a woman having a heart attack and you can find the boilerplate symptoms by googling out the American Heart Association or the American Red Cross to kind of put your mind at ease. The issue at hand however is that if you are feeling uncomfortable in any way you should be seen by at the very least your family doctor just to rule everything out.  One or two of the symptoms you listed are on that list however the others aren't.  No one on any site can tell you whether or not you should be seen by a doc i think alot of what all of us can tell you as members of the community of what it is that we would do or have experienced.  I can tell you one of the biggest red flags for a woman however in a heart attack situation is shortness of breath no matter how small or large the shortness seems to be.....but that is only one of seven.....if all women recognized that fact it would not be the number one killer of women....we tend to explain everything away or wish it away.....look at those two sites and if you say yes to even a third of the symptoms i would want the answers.......
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You have enough symptoms to go to an ER and seek treatment. You are too young and this could be serious.A lot could change in 3 years. Good luck.
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