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Heart Isssue?

My issue started the day after my 37th birthday. I had an attack which felt like I was having a heart attach. My check was tight and my heart seem to drop (to the point my adrenalin kicked in). Since this I have been having issues where my resting heart rate will slow down to 55 (meaning I will drop into the 40's at night). I seem to have cycles where this occurs every 2 months and the issue will last for 20 days or so. The issue seems to switch on like a light switch and switch off. When I am in a cycle, I get dizzy, wake up gasping for air, feel like fainting. I also seem to burp a lot as well. My last episode gave me sever pains in my abdomen which seem to move from my left side to the center and over to the right. I have gotten a CT scan which has come back okay, MRI of my brain, EKG, heart monitor for a month, blood tests...etc all came back okay and normal. I did have a stress test where my blood pressure did drop to 88/40 once I got off the treadmill, but I was also taking Niacin which I believe was causing my blood pressure issues. Since I stopped taking it my blood pressure issue seems to have stopped. I did just have a endoscopy which did discover that I do have an ulcer at the base of my stomach and esophagus. I also have h-pylori bacteria. My question is would an ulcer cause these symptoms to cycle like I have or could this be a sign of something else like vagus nerve issues? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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Did your month long monitor catch your most concerning symptoms like waking up gasping for breath?  Do you work out a lot?  Stomach issues can irritate the vagus nerve sending signals to the heart causing it to act up but it usually causes extra beats or a fast heart rate.  I haven't heard much about it slowing the heart rate.  You mention that you had a ct scan, was that of your heart?  Did you have an echo done to check your valves?  It would be good if you could get an echo done while you are having the bradycardia to see what your heart is doing.  But do work on your stomach issues and see if that helps.  Other than that keep a diary of what is going on so you can see if there is a pattern that may be contributing to the slow rate.  And just keep going back to the doctor for help and guidance to get to the bottom of things.  Maybe try a sleep study to see if you have some apnea going on.  These things can be a bit hard to pin down so just be persistent if this is disrupting your life a lot.  Take care.
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