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Heart Murmur.

My Partner suffers from a heart mumurr, and  passes out once every 2 months and i duno why, he wont see his GP cause he doesnt want to lose his job, he does everything you are meant to do to keep Healthy and to stop it from affecting him everyday.
Is there anythin I can do to help him?

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Well first I don't understand how seeing a doctor would result in loss of employment, or for that matter that the employer would even know - don't tell.

There is really nothing you can do that is better than get your partner in to see a doctor.  You are listed as in the UK, so medical care is provided by your government, right?  Thus, the cost should not be a consideration if one is looking for reasons not to do the correct thing.

You mention murmur, and I wonder how that is known.  Is that your diagnosis based on what you can hear?  In any case, a heart murmur usually isn't a serious problem, but passing out is.  
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the only reason he will be at risk of losing his job is because he is a bus driver and they are silly with that stuff even if its minor and havent had a problem in years. Like Epliepsy you cant drive unless you Havent had a fit in over 3 years. Silly but sensible.

I was only worried because he hadnt passed out in a while and he did the other week, and he was diagnosed with one before he started his new job, but he didnt put it on his records for this new job either, and he stopped going to appointments.

Its just me being paranoid really, but it cant lead to anything worse can it? cause I know apprently there is different types of murmurs. I know his isnt very bad, just the fact he passed out the other week for the first time in ages.

So if he does it again, I'll defo do something, its just he doesnt want to lose his job. and i am an over worried girlfriend

Thank you.
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Are you sure his passing out is due to his murmur? Does he see a cardiologist? Or does he just see a GP? Both my sister and I have murmurs. I also suffered from a-fib. Our murmurs never caused us to pass out. If he isn't already seeing a cardio, I would suggest he should.
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He is petrfied of Doctors they make him clam up. The doctor said at his last appointment when he went for something else, that if there is no problems he should be fine. Its only cause he passed out the other week I told him to see one, but he's like if it happens again He will. but the GP asks him how it is, and she says he's fine that it is under control. When he passed out I assumed it was cause of his murmur thats why i paniced, it could of been something else, but I jus got worrried if you get me, But Murmurs can sometimes be okay and controlled right?
I will sit him down and talk about him seeing a GP. He see's his GP when he NEEDS too like a PROPER emergancy other than that he tries not too.
I was just worried, aha! Thank you for your help. the best thing to do is to see his GP for now? Cause he says its only a minor murmur whatever that is, I know nothing about murmurs or anything.
Thanks everyyone, you've helped alot. I will drag him to the docotorss x
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Sure, people can have heart murmurs and live a perfectly normal life. My sister has had her murmur for 12 years now. Mine was diagnoised 2 years ago. My murmur is considered mild. My GP, when he first detected the murmur did suggest I see a Cardiologist. I did, and the cardiologist confirmed it was a mild murmur, nothing to worry about now. My sister's murmur has gotten worse over the years. She is on meds and will need surgery in the near future. My cardiologist told me that my murmur can stay "mild" for the rest of my life, or progress. You never know. I do go to the Cardiologist for a check up once a year to monitor it.
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Wow i read your post and it is very alarming to me....it IS NOT normal for humans to pass out....i think it may be more than just a heart murmur because obviously the oxygen going into his brain has lessened to the point where he passes out.  I know what he does for a living from what you've said but what happens Cass if he is driving a bus with passengers in it and passes out...he is risking not only his life but the lives of others....not good.  I know from what you've said he avoids doctors like the plague that also is not good and sounds to me like he really doesn't want to face reality and deal with what is really going on with him...sometimes you have to get pro active and help him and that may be by calling his doctor and givng them a heads up so that they next appt. he has they can look out for whatever is going on.  The next thing to me is you.........could you honestly feel good about yourself if you chose to do nothing to help get him help and you are not with him and he passes out and hits his head and dies?  Or if he has an irregular heart rate that is causing this and it could have all been prevented.  Passing out is bad bad bad....i don;t mean to be mean to you but this sounds serious to me and time may not be on his side if he is passing out.....i would rather fight with someone i love then lose them forever....
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Firstlyy my first post was meant to say my partner has a heart murmur and used to pass out once every two months and just passed out recently. He used to pass out before because the strain he put on himself working 2 jobs a day. (took up bus drving 3 years ago)  Sorry for that mistake.
And he went to the doctors today and they said everything was fine and asked what had he been doing before he passed out, he said running around a field with our nephew they said it could have been because of that but it wasnt anything to do with his heart, cause he would have passed out again when not running around and he hadn't, Which is good, and it IS just a heart murmur, and it is still mild and is under control and should be fine, but too see his GP every two months for a check up to make sure everything is still okay, and if it gets worse or signs of worse then they will reffer him somewhere else that person you we're talking about. BUT thats only if there are signs of it gettting worse. But his GP said everything is fine and there is nothing to worry about. So everything is looking good.
Thank you every onee, you've helped me out alott. if there is anything else bothering me about Heart murmurs I will let you know! Thanks for all your help. Everythinggg is okay now! YAY!! IM SO HAPPY THAT IT WASNT HIS MURMUR CAUSING PROBLEMS :) I will drag him to his appointments every 3 months haha.
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